Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This week...

Played probably one of the best basketball games yet on my mission. There were a couple kids from the Oregon Football team that are pretty good and big. But still of course took them to work. :) They didn't see it coming. 

Still getting the Gabe and Don drills on every morning..

Shoutout to my MIT boys as they have some big league games coming up this week.. you guys are in my prayers

At nights, we have planning at 9:30pm and if we aren't going to get back to the apartment by that time. We run. And everyone always looks at us weird because everyone is super busy in Singapore but no one runs. Especially in white shirts and ties, it is funny. But it is super important to plan every night at 9:30pm or your time schedule gets messed up. 

This week we did a lot of preparation for zone conference and Mission Leadership Council and actually gave a training to the sister training leaders about how to be better. We need them to step up. They are now :) 

We also took President Simmons son on exchanges this week. That was fun. After 15 minutes he asked himself "What have I gotten myself into?" because we talk to so many people everyday. :) 

We often will just go to a place where all the Filipinos hang out and sit down with them and teach them first lessons. It is pretty cool, they are the most happy people. 

Last week on P-day we were talking (my companion and I) between ourselves about zones and colleges etc. but kept having the prompting to stop and talk to people. I told him twice and on the 3rd time we finally stopped and talked to someone and the first person that we did happened to be an inactive member of the church from Tonga living in Jakarta, Indonesia. He had been inactive for 5 years. We helped him pray for the first time in 5 years and he loved it. He invited us to dinner with him and his wife before he went back to Jakarta a few days later. Two days later he called us and picked us up in his mercedes and took us to a steak dinner. (I haven't had steak in forever, it tasted so good). There he confessed that he had been looking for missionaries for 2-3 years but couldn't find the church in Indonesia. 

He is planning on going back now that we found him. 

I know that God puts people in our paths for a reason. I know that we were led to David. I know that divine intervention and promptings through the Holy Ghost are real. 


Elder Pierce 

1. David and his wife (the miracle I talked about above.)
2. Elder Perritt and us at MLC!
3. President and his family! 
4. Picking up a new missionary a few weeks ago, forgot to include that one.. 

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