Monday, June 6, 2016

Week #104....One more week to go! Leaving it all out on the table!

2 years goes by fast. I think sooner than not I am going to be in the grave. Better cherish every moment you got. 

This week was amazing like usual. 

We went to Marina Bay Sands on Monday! Singapore is amazing! (see pictures!) 

We are going to be having baptisms for the next 3 weeks straight! We are way excited for this area! It is amazing! I love China so much. I love Chinese. I love it all. The members are so amazing. 

In our ward we are doing a mission prep class. I am getting to train 5 future missionaries which is amazing. They are going to be the greatest 5 missionaries ever. 

I gave them 3 challenges in order to graduate. You all are free to try this as well. 
1. Get one person's phone number who is interested in learning more about the gospel. 
2. Invite someone to be baptized in a lesson with missionaries. 
3. Plan out a part of a day with the missionaries and then go and do your plan! 

It has been so much fun to work with them! 

I love this so much! Have a blessed day! 

and a blessed day! Mom and Dad! See you in a week! :) 


Elder Pierce