Monday, December 28, 2015

Week#81...The REALEST Christmas ever. I am Santa Clause.

Transfers was today and I am staying here!

We had a christmas morning basketball tournament :) I am averaging 40 pp7am game :) its fun

 This week, I started writing in my journal in Chinese again. and also been hitting the gym extra hard. 

This week we have been doing some work on the 2016 mission plan! It is a work in progress but we are excited about some of the changes that are going to be happening in the mission this upcoming year! 

We went on exchanges to JB this week! Well, I did by myself :) It wasn't supposed to happen that way though. 

My two companions (I was supposed to be in a trio for the day) got black chopped out of immigration. So they were sent back to Singapore, while I was let through to JB. Luckily, one other elder made it through so I went with him for the day.  (There were more that didn't make it through but we got it worked out now :)) 

Anyways it was super fun to go around in my old area for a day. Got to see and call some of my old investigators etc. to repentance in a loving way which is always fun :) When you have that kind of relationship with them you  can do that! 

Got to skype the family which was awesome. I love all of you guys. Hopefully you can live up to those Chinese names I gave you with some pride :) 

We found 112 potential investigators this week. That is people who we shared a gospel principle with on the street and got their contact info. We talked to a lot of people. 

Christmas was the best. We had a bunch of extra candy in the apartment and so Elder Spurrier and I took some and put them in little baggies and put them in a couple big cardboard boxes and went around giving it away on Christmas day like Santa Clause whether people accepted the gospel or not we still gave them a present. 

It was a great feeling giving away stuff. Probably my favorite Christmas of all time. We also got to each lunch with all of my recent converts from the Phillipino ward which was a special moment :) (see picture below) 

I will end with a spiritual experience that was cool! We were going around with our presents and then we ran into a women. We gave her a Christmas present (some candy) and then we talked about Jesus Christ for a minute and invited her to pray. She said a really spiritual prayer and then after concluding, got a little emotional and said that we were an answer to her prayer. She had felt prompted to walk around the mall 3 times before she went home. Because of that she ran into us. She hadn't gotten a Christmas gift that year (well until we gave her one) and she was looking to find the right path to follow Jesus Christ. The only two things we had intentions of helping her with :) 

God works in mysterious ways, but he most definitely works. So get to work and be a tool in his hands and see miracles! They are just waiting to happen :) Have the courage to be that tool! And I promise you happiness on no end! 

Love you all! 

Merry Christmas! 

Elder Pierce 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Week #80...Can you stop a car or moto on the highway for the gospel? :) GoBoldorGoHome :)

Where to start! 
Don't have much time so bullet points!

-Writing in my journal again every night in Chinese is helping my chinese.
-Almost broke my companions ankle last week playing basketball but he is all good :) 
-Office Days are the worst (every tuesday)
-Elder Lundahl-Wolford is coming back to the mission on New Years Day!!!!! :)
-15 Elders and sisters went home- so there was big departing dinner

-Went to Kota Kinabalu - took us 5 hours to walk 10 minutes to the bus stop b/c we talked to so many people. We actually never made it to the bus stop :) 

- Next to Sibu Jaya - Whitewashed the area (meaning it was both I and my companion's first day in the area, it just happened to work out that the day he transferred there was the day we went on exchanges with him). 

-Invited a man to be baptized in the first 30 seconds of talking to him - he accepted and is now investigating the church :)

-Stopped a few cars and motos going on the highway with this week. BOLDNESS. :) We just waved them down. Then we would help them learn how to and then actually pray for most of them the first times in their lives. 

-Then to Kuching. Had a Christmas Devotional. Told everyone in a training to start talking to more people. They don't talk to hardly anyone. No wonder they have a hard time finding people to teach :)
You don't have to stop cars on the highway to talk to you but at least talk to the guy next to you on the bus. C'mon :) 

-Also had the chance to see Penny in Kuching! That was cool! Invited her back to church and she came for an hour and a half that next day! MIRACLE! She used to be such a solid convert! 

-Then to singapore where we had an amazing Sunday. We taught 11 lessons and had to go on member splits most of the day. We also found 6 new investigators that day! It was awesome. It is the only day we were in our area this week but we still Made it happen! :) 

love you all, 

Miracles are everywhere! The field is so white it is kind of scary! Just open your eyes! 

Check out the videos on this website they are amazing! 


Elder Pierce 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week #79....Awkwardness is Awesome!

I don't have much time, but here is this week: 

We hit every major city in East Malaysia this week! I am dog tired right now but it was a heck of a week!

First to Kuching for exchanges. 

Then to Sibu, Miri and then to Kota Kinabalu all for the Mini Christmas Zone Conference. 

7 flights this week :) crazy

-trained at the zone conference on teaching when you find (helping people you talk to on the street feel the spirit) 
-stayed in a hotel for the first time in a long time
-flight was delayed and got home at 2am on Sunday morning. 
-almost missed a flight. 

Working out everynight still to keep the grind going :) along with the mornings. 
Working my chinese hard as well :)

an experience to end: 

we were on exchanges and I suggested to my companion to sit down with someone for lunch! He said no it was too awkward, but i encouraged him. We sat down with this lady, who allowed us to sit with them . then she turned to me and said, " I was hoping and praying that you would sit down with me because I wanted to ask you what the difference is between all the different christian churches?" 

My heart dropped. The spirit had totally led us to sit with her. 

We taught her the whole first lesson and now she is meeting with missionaries there :) 

The spirit is real. If we put our best effort out, God will guide us to the elect in missionary work but also the same principle applies for off the mission! 

love you all! 

Have a merry Christmas! 

Elder Pierce 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week #78....A Week of Real Life

Here goes: 

7am wake up 
8am report with West Malaysia and Singapore. 
11am Make a weekly email for the mission.
P-DAY - Christmas Gift Shopping :)

6:30pm Taught our Recent Convert Abby

Tuesday- Office Day. The worst. Don't even want to talk about it. Sitting in the office working is the worst. I want to be out ministering. 

Wednesday - 
Morning- MLC preparation
3pm to 9pm - MLC (all zone leaders and sister training leaders) 

Thursday - 9am Fly to Ipoh, West Malaysia
Mini Zone Conference and Training for Christmas with Ipoh Zone - 1pm-9pm

Friday - 8 am train to Kuala Lumpur
1 pm to 6 pm Christmas Kuala Lumpur Zone Conference
9 pm fly to Penang Island

Saturday - Exchange in Penang with the Zone Leaders

Sunday - 5 am flight home to Singapore for church
11am - lessons with Recent Converts (Michelle and Jenny) 
12-3pm Church
3-5pm Teaching Referrals and Potential Investigators. 
7pm Member Referral Appointment/Dinner
8:30 Report with our district leader :) 

That was our schedule this week in a nutshell :) 

Basketball is great. I love playing Elder Spurrier 1 on 1. Its good practice he isn't too bad. 

Hit the gym hard this week as well which felt good. 

Also hit chinese hard. I use it a ton even though I don't teach in it. I talk in it all the time because there are chinese people everywhere. Literally everywhere. 

Look up that site and watch the video below called "A World with out a Savior" Super good. 

This week I will share one experience. We were on exchanges and we stopped this chinese family on our bikes on the street. We talked for a little while and he shared about how he had almost lost his life in a car accident (he was on crutches) and how he felt like God had saved him from death. 

He wanted to thank God but didn't know how. So we taught him. :) and he prayed right there on the street for the first time in a long time and he got kind of emotional and it was sweet. He was so grateful that God had saved him from death so he could take care of his sweet wife and 2 year old daughter. It was one of the sweetest moments that I have seen. 

I love that we can talk to God through prayer. And I love even more that He listens. 

So talk to him if you aren't and listen to what he says back. It will change your life I promise :) 

Love you all, 

Elder Pierce