Thursday, December 24, 2015

Where to start! 
Don't have much time so bullet points!

-Writing in my journal again every night in Chinese is helping my chinese.
-Almost broke my companions ankle last week playing basketball but he is all good :) 
-Office Days are the worst (every tuesday)
-Elder Lundahl-Wolford is coming back to the mission on New Years Day!!!!! :)
-15 Elders and sisters went home- so there was big departing dinner

-Went to Kota Kinabalu - took us 5 hours to walk 10 minutes to the bus stop b/c we talked to so many people. We actually never made it to the bus stop :) 

- Next to Sibu Jaya - Whitewashed the area (meaning it was both I and my companion's first day in the area, it just happened to work out that the day he transferred there was the day we went on exchanges with him). 

-Invited a man to be baptized in the first 30 seconds of talking to him - he accepted and is now investigating the church :)

-Stopped a few cars and motos going on the highway with this week. BOLDNESS. :) We just waved them down. Then we would help them learn how to and then actually pray for most of them the first times in their lives. 

-Then to Kuching. Had a Christmas Devotional. Told everyone in a training to start talking to more people. They don't talk to hardly anyone. No wonder they have a hard time finding people to teach :)
You don't have to stop cars on the highway to talk to you but at least talk to the guy next to you on the bus. C'mon :) 

-Also had the chance to see Penny in Kuching! That was cool! Invited her back to church and she came for an hour and a half that next day! MIRACLE! She used to be such a solid convert! 

-Then to singapore where we had an amazing Sunday. We taught 11 lessons and had to go on member splits most of the day. We also found 6 new investigators that day! It was awesome. It is the only day we were in our area this week but we still Made it happen! :) 

love you all, 

Miracles are everywhere! The field is so white it is kind of scary! Just open your eyes! 

Check out the videos on this website they are amazing! 


Elder Pierce 

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