Monday, December 28, 2015

Transfers was today and I am staying here!

We had a christmas morning basketball tournament :) I am averaging 40 pp7am game :) its fun

 This week, I started writing in my journal in Chinese again. and also been hitting the gym extra hard. 

This week we have been doing some work on the 2016 mission plan! It is a work in progress but we are excited about some of the changes that are going to be happening in the mission this upcoming year! 

We went on exchanges to JB this week! Well, I did by myself :) It wasn't supposed to happen that way though. 

My two companions (I was supposed to be in a trio for the day) got black chopped out of immigration. So they were sent back to Singapore, while I was let through to JB. Luckily, one other elder made it through so I went with him for the day.  (There were more that didn't make it through but we got it worked out now :)) 

Anyways it was super fun to go around in my old area for a day. Got to see and call some of my old investigators etc. to repentance in a loving way which is always fun :) When you have that kind of relationship with them you  can do that! 

Got to skype the family which was awesome. I love all of you guys. Hopefully you can live up to those Chinese names I gave you with some pride :) 

We found 112 potential investigators this week. That is people who we shared a gospel principle with on the street and got their contact info. We talked to a lot of people. 

Christmas was the best. We had a bunch of extra candy in the apartment and so Elder Spurrier and I took some and put them in little baggies and put them in a couple big cardboard boxes and went around giving it away on Christmas day like Santa Clause whether people accepted the gospel or not we still gave them a present. 

It was a great feeling giving away stuff. Probably my favorite Christmas of all time. We also got to each lunch with all of my recent converts from the Phillipino ward which was a special moment :) (see picture below) 

I will end with a spiritual experience that was cool! We were going around with our presents and then we ran into a women. We gave her a Christmas present (some candy) and then we talked about Jesus Christ for a minute and invited her to pray. She said a really spiritual prayer and then after concluding, got a little emotional and said that we were an answer to her prayer. She had felt prompted to walk around the mall 3 times before she went home. Because of that she ran into us. She hadn't gotten a Christmas gift that year (well until we gave her one) and she was looking to find the right path to follow Jesus Christ. The only two things we had intentions of helping her with :) 

God works in mysterious ways, but he most definitely works. So get to work and be a tool in his hands and see miracles! They are just waiting to happen :) Have the courage to be that tool! And I promise you happiness on no end! 

Love you all! 

Merry Christmas! 

Elder Pierce 

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