Thursday, March 31, 2016

Week #94...Chinese Singapore 2nd Ward!!!!!!!

I am officially transferred! I have been with Elder Spurrier for 3 transfers and 5 transfers here serving as an assistant to President Simmons and it has been awesome! I have loved every minute of it! Of course there have been hard times but it has all been worth it. I have learned so much from President Simmons as I was able to work with him closely a lot. 

I have been transferred to the Chinese 2nd Ward in Singapore. I will be training and be a district leader at the same time! So that is exciting! You will have to wait and see who my new companion is next week! Even though I already know who it is! 

He arrives along with the 6 other missionaries on Wednesday from the Provo MTC!!! 

It has been my dream to serve in the Chinese 2nd ward in Singapore. A lot of the ward is from China and their chinese is supposedly the best in the mission. So it will make for a great last 3 months of speaking chinese all day everyday. Oh how I miss speaking Chinese!!! 

This week was amazing! 

The highlights were baptizing 3 of my favorite people in the world. 

#1 is Simon from Miemar. He is so awesome. In his testimony he talked about how it was a hard decision to join the church because his Father is a pastor over two Anglican churches in Miemar but he relied on the spirit and felt that this was the true church! 

#2 is Resa. We met her after praying at Botanic Gardens in Singapore because we were lost and didn't know what to do. We went to this hut and there was a Filipino reading the Bible. We read with her and invited her to learn about the Book of Mormon. Yesterday she was baptized and then gave a (no joke) 40 min long testimony. It was the longest baptismal service I have ever been to! I was able to baptize her and I baptized her in Tagalog! 

Bilang Naatasan ni Jesocristo binibinyagan kita sa pangalan ng ama at ng anak at ng esperito santo. Amen. 

It was crazy. The congregation was shocked that i did it in Tagalog but it was totally worth it :) 

#3 Theresa. Also a miracle find. In the subway station. After testifying to her she said her hairs were sticking up and she didn't know what that feeling was! The spirit of course! And she has been rock solid ever since! She cancelled her flight to Hong Kong so she could stay longer at the church after the baptism and she had 32 missed calls from her employer and I asked her, "Sister Theresa! Your boss called you 32 times! Aren't you going to call her back?" She responded "I don't care about it! I just want to be in the church!" " She can wait!" it was crazy! I love all 3 of them so much. 

The last 3 transfers were a little rough and we didn't see too much success in our own area but yesterday made it all worth it. Those three people are the biggest miracles ever. Probably of my entire mission. So awesome. 

God is real. I testify to the grave. 


Elder Pierce

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week #93..Everyone knows when you go on exchanges with the assistants you can't make a mistake.

"Everyone knows when you go on exchanges with the assistants you can't make a mistake." -Elder ___

That was said this week^^^

Mom and Dad. Get ready for some sweet exchanges in a couple months! :) 

All the zone leaders came to our area this week! That was nice! Talked to a ton of people from China this week and got to use my chinese a lot :) 

Faith. Well this week we were hunting down a less active. And I saw this guy across building complexs about 7 stories down and a few hundred meters away. I had the promtping to ask if he was interested but he was so far away. But i did my best to yell that far and get his attention. I did and as i yelled as reverently as i could our purpose, i asked him if he wanted to learn about jesus christ. He shocked me by saying yes. He then said hold on a minute. to my surprise about 2 minutes later he showed up next to me. He had taken the elevator over to our floor. We talked to him for a while and now we have an appointment with him this week. Really interested. Follow the spirit no matter what :) 

Miracle. On exchanges with Elder Geilman. We prayed to know what to do and decided against our best judgement was to grab dinner. Turned out to be the best choice we ever made. 1st we ran into an investigator in China. She was learning the 10 lessons in Shanghai (apparently they have to learn ten lessons before baptism there?) and she was in singapore for just 1 day! crazy that she would run into the missionaries for her one day! 
2nd we were sitting at dinner and this Filipino guy walks up! Hey Elders! We were shocked! We thought he was a member and so we asked him which ward he was from? he said he wasn't a member but was searching for the truth and wanted to meet up and learn. It blew my mind. God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes going to dinner is the right plan. Again, following the spirit never fails. 

love you all,

Elder Pierce 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week #92....The Lord's Way.


Elder Nielsen (of the 1st quorum of the seventy) the President of the Mission Department came to our mission. 
To put that into perspective, Elder Oaks, Bednar and Anderson are his board of directors. 

He is in charge of all 75,000 missionaries and Elder Spurrier and I got to spend 3 days traveling the mission with him. Singapore then Kuala Lumpur and then to Kuching! 

I literally wish I could restart my mission. 100%. I feel like i would have baptized full countries. 

He talked a lot about the Atonement and how there are two parts the redeeming and enabling. 

He also talked about finding. And how to work what he called the goldmine. 

Meaning working with the less-active to bring them back and then to baptize their friends and family members who are not members. 

It was genius. 

Also now everyone will be coming into our area for exchanges and so the Assistants from this mission will never get on an airplane again :) 

But instead of airpline tickets we will see people in White :) baptisms! 

two exchanges a week in our own area which means 9 days a week in our area! 

The Mission is changing ! Fast! Don't blink! 


Elder Pierce 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #91....To Butterworth and Johor Bahru!!

-Went to Butterworth! Miracles. On exchanges with Elder Harker. He asked if we usually had miracles more on exchanges? Before I could answer the elevator door opened and a lady contacted us. She was 5 year old former investigator who had been looking for the missionaries but didn't have a phone to call us. We taught her a lesson right then and there and she actually came to the branch activity later that week and also church on sunday! Crazy! All we have to do is mention the word miracles and then we will have them! 

-Basketball. Started using the ladder for workouts thanks dad. 

-Met a guy from Bethlemhem this week. he was a cannanite. That was interesting. 
-Also convinced a missionary from another church to come to our church haha :) 

- also back in JB this week. Got to see Susanna that was cool! pray for her! 
-got held up in immigration again this week! 

Elder Nielsen is coming next week to our mission! 

love you all! 

Elder Pierce 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Week #90...DESIRE :)

-This week was sweet 
- We went to KL. I don't have a ton of time so just listen to my voice recording if you want to know how it went :) 
-We are getting close to our goal of 6 baptisms this week! 

love you all,

Elder Pierce 

3 nephi 19:24