Thursday, January 7, 2016

Don't have much time but here is this weeks cool stuff! and Miracles! 

-Flew to Kuching - Spent New years day biking in the rain
-Welcomed 5 new missionaries into the mission and got to train them and their trainers
-Found out their is an SBL (Singapore Basketball league) - pro league in singapore - we tried to teach them the gospel but failed :) 

-met a lady on the plane and helped her pray for the first time in her life..she is living in LA..what are the chances.. ...oops i forgot there aren't any chances. It is all God's big plan :) I have full faith that she will join the church in America, it was the coolest contact ever. 

Also got to give a blessing to a missionary about to go home this week (for medical issues) with the mission president and my companion. The spirit was so strong it was crazy. From that day on, he was totally healed. I am still in shock. 

The priesthood is real. 

Love you all,

Happy new years! 

Elder Pierce 

1. Matt June - in active that we brought back! 
2. Elder Lundahl-Wolford is back! We picked him up at the airport! 
3. Abby our recent convert!
4. On the plane with our LA miracle contact! 

5. With sister joje one of our investigators :)

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