Monday, January 25, 2016

-I ate real cheese cake this week. Literal cheese cake. like the cake was made out of cheese. That is how they do it here. 

-Conducted zone conference this week which was crazy. Hectic and stressful but so worth it. 

-Also had the mission's first super MLC where all the district leaders attended. We gave a training. Called everyone to repentance. I can attach it if anyone wants to look at it. 

-All the flights got messed up this week so that was crazy and we had to try and fix it all.. cost the church a ton of money. 

-Gave a priesthood blessing in an alleyway. Kind of weird but there was no where else to go. 

Been thinking about Charity these days and I think that sometimes people think that charity is always about being all "I love you etc." your perfect etc. But if you watch this video, real charity takes telling people (with love) how it really is. 

Example, my parents told me I needed to practice the piano everyday and i hated it. They hurt me. I cried. I balled. But 10 years later, here I stand and will go to the grave on my knees thanking my heavenly father that my parents had enough charity for me to hurt me. To love me enough to cut me down. 

So I want you ask yourself. Do you love ____ enough to hurt them? Enough to cut them down? 

Pray For Charity. Love is more than flowers and ribbons. 


Elder Pierce 

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