Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I don't have much time but here are a couple highlights: 

Funny Stories:

-Called a potential investigator as she was giving birth, but her husband yelled at us for calling at a terrible time.. but we ran into her on the street by chance.. with her new baby :) 

God really wants her to learn I guess. 

-Was with Elder Pearce on exchanges this week in Miri and so in chinese we have the same exact name.. that mixed up some people for sure :) 

-did 100 pullups, pushups and situps this week. haven't done that in a while. I am sore for sure. 

On exchanges, we had a funny experience. We were on biking and saw these 3 grass cutters (usually muslim, uneducated, don't have an off day, live too far away to bike there and not worth your time) but it was an exchange and so I asked him if he wanted to talk to them.. he said "no" but I told him that was too bad, God loves all his children. :) I am not going to lie, I didn't really expect them to be that interested, but God never ceases to raise my vision :) The first guy lived too far away, the second was muslim and couldn't understand us, and so I asked my companion for the day, "do you want to talk to the 3rd one?" He said "C'mon Elder Pierce, lets go." But no, I told him, I believe. We tried to get the 3rd's guys attention and failed for 5 minutes and were extremely scared he was going to wack us with his weed wacker. Those things are dangerous and he was really flailing it around (he had not noticed us yet). After literally 3 min of waving my arms and trying to get this guys attention and Elder__ just laughing :) we finally got his attention and wow did God surprise me this time. He was a Christian Kenyan who spoke excellent English and was looking for the truth. He invited us to teach him and his family at his home on Sunday.

I know God was just testing us to see if we would talk to all 3 of them. Sometimes, he gives us the trial before the success

Another cool miracle with Elder . He was biking away and I called after him, and said come back.. we need to pray first! 
So he biked back and we prayed. For safety and for prepared people. After the "Amen" a couple pulled up in a car and got out and walked up to us. He was chinese and she was iban. He told us that he had just starting learning about becoming a christian from his girlfriend. And wanted to join but wasn't sure how :) I said well we can help :) and right there we taught him how to pray and he prayed for the first time ever out loud. It was awesome. God definitely prepared him. Prayer is real and after the exchange I asked Elder  what he wanted to change and he said he wanted to pray every time before he got on his bike! 

Love you all,

Elder Pierce

p.s. this week we were on exchanges in Ipoh (i got to go with ELder perritt again) 

and then in Miri with Elder Pearce.. got to see my old recent converts which was nice :) 

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