Monday, November 30, 2015

This week was insane. Probably the craziest of my mission. 

First we went to Miri on exchanges. I got to see some of my old investigators and recent converts and stuff which was really either heartbreaking or invigorating to see how they are doing/progressing in the gospel :) 

Then to Bintulu. And then to Kuala Lumpur. It was a lot of flying this week again. That is the most I have done yet. When we got back to Singapore the mission president's wife, Sister Simmons came on exchanges with us. That was fun to take her around with us for a few hours. 

This week, I got a ton of potential investigators - 135 people.. which means: we shared a gospel principle with them and then got their phone number to try and set a return appointment with them. 

When we talk to all these people one of the main things we try to do is to pray with them right there on the street. And then if we feel so inclined to ask them to pray right there and teach them how. All right there on the side of the street. 

Of course sometimes they say no but about 10 people this week we were able to get to pray for the first time in their lives to pray right there on the side of the street. Those were all miracles in my eyes. Those people were prepared by God and all of them were some of the most spiritual contacts I have ever had. 

What would you do if someone asked you to pray with them on the side of the road? :) 

On exchanges it seems that we just run the zone leaders into the ground. I think some missionaries just don't know how to work hard. But in 24 hours we are able to give them all they can handle. It is crazy but it has changed people. Exchanges are the best.

Then on Sunday we went to a place called lucky plaza where there are a million Filipinos. What is hard right now as an assistant is that we have to be gone in Malaysia all week and so we come back on Saturday and have one day a week to try and make our proselyting area a model for the entire mission. That can be stressful. But we are making it work. But it is definitely a challenge. 

In lucky plaza we found so many new people to teach and it was great. I felt like I was in the Philippines. Crazy. 

We also asked every single member for referrals on Sunday and got 20 Member referrals. If the missionaries ask for your friends and they are good missionaries then give if you can :) this is eternal life we offer remember? :) 

There is a lot to do everyday but this week I had to prioritize a lot. 

I realized that the most important thing is family. I love my family. 

Do something nice for your loved ones this week :) you won't regret it. 

Oh, how I love being a missionary. Oh, that I had a voice of an angel and could cry repentance unto the world. The pain and joy of being a missionary is the most real of any pain or joy I have experienced. It is real. 

love you all, 

Elder Pierce 

1. With a member that is a boss! 
2. Relief Society in our ward! 
3. Miri with some former investigators! 

4. East Malaysia

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