Monday, November 16, 2015

Not a ton of time so this will be to the point :) 

-TRANSFERS! I got a new companion! His name is Elder Spurrier! He is also from Olympus High School! And a baller! I am going to miss Elder Perritt though. He has taught me a ton. Elder Spurrier was my previous zone leader in Miri so I am excited to serve with him! He speaks Malay and I speak Chinese so now we will be able to speak to almost anyone around here :) it is going to be great! He is also a go hard so it will be a fun time together :) 

This morning was crazy trying to get transfers all set up but anyways.. 

Last monday with the team in mind starting the season this week I had a stellar workout in at the church here. It is way nice to have the basketball court there every morning. 

Shoutout to the team against Harvard a few days ago! Miss you guys! My prayers are with you! 

This week we flew to Kota Kinabalu and then down the Sibu to do exchanges with the zone leaders there. It was great. 

In KK I was able to help teach a basketball class. I started a successful one in Miri and because of that a few other areas have started them but they haven't really been successful so I gave them some tips :) we will see how it goes. President Simmons is great. He loves thinking outside the box and basketball class is one of those things he approved us doing. :) gotta go with what you are good at right? 

This sunday we were asked 5 min before a baptismal service to do a musical number. So we through together an idea we had had before.."O' Holy Night"  see the attatched.. 

the piano is a little repetitive sorry. I literally just through it together. 

Bobby. On exchanges we talked to this random guy. He was chinese and we prayed with him. and then we invited him for the first time in his life to pray.. right there in the middle of mcdonalds. And it was the most spiritual moment of the week by far. 

I know that God is real and hears our prayers no matter how we say it or where we say it. Even in McDonalds :) 

Love you all, 

Elder Pierce 

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