Monday, August 17, 2015

We were riding through permai this week (the more sketchy part of town) and this kid (i don't know if he was all there) was lying on the pavement but when I rode by him he picked up a wooden stick, and took the biggest hardest swing at me. Thankfully he missed but it was a definite wake up call. :) 

We were cleaning the baptismal font this week (mopping it up to be specific) and a couple kids were playing "Turn Down For What" on their phones. It took me back like deja vu to last year at LCA. For those of you who know what I am talking about. (shoutout to all my fellow LCA boys). 

-JASON! He got baptized this week! I had the privilege of baptizing him! (in chinese of course!) 
He 25 years old. Smart, techy and works at a bank in finance. He is going to be a real help as a priesthood holder in the branch. They seem to be harder to find than the women..

We found jason one day, we were waiting for the bus and 3 in a row passed us because they were already full of people. He stopped and offered us a free ride home. We thanked him, by giving him the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been an amazing experience. 

God really does throw the people who are prepared in your lap. If you are being diligent of course. 

Speaking of being diligent. This week, we talked to every single person we saw. Literally. It was amazing. We got 57 potential investigators. (an address or phone number). You literally cannot tell who is interested. Every single person has such an interesting story. 

For all you fellow missionaries out there, try it.  I dare you :) 

Love you all,

Elder Pierce 

"Coincidences are just for when God wants to remain anonymous." -Unknown

p.s. Congrats to my little sister who got baptized this week by my "big" brother. She definitely goes on my key indicators ;)

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