Monday, August 10, 2015

This week i got kissed by a little kid, i thought he was going for a high five..

that is the first one in a long long time..

-lately i have made a rule for myself. in every meeting to at least make one comment. That gets my mind in the discussion and it is a lot easier then to make a 2nd and 3rd comment. And i have gotten a lot more out of meetings. try it! 

-Singapore this week was awesome! Got to talk some more with the new mission president which was fun. really uplifting. 
-I played "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" my arrangement of it before the dying missionaries shared their final testimonies. It was touching meeting for sure. It is always very interesting to hear missionaries final thoughts. I love that. 

At the beginning of my mission when I went to singapore, all I wanted to do was go see the sights in Singapore but now when we go my desire is to just talk to all the missionaries from the different zones. They all feel like my brothers and i get much more fulfillment from talking to them than from walking around singapore. It has been weird seeing that change in mindset. 

This week basketball class got a little crazy. Too many people there and so it ended up me just playing these kids 1 on 4 and if i won they listened to why we were here. I won but the lesson didn't go as well haha :) I played in my proselyting clothes which made it interesting as well. 

Sabah missionaries (a different zone) also started a basketball class. Since the idea had real success it has spread :) fast. 

Louis was baptized this week! he lives in Brunei (a different country) and so I am excited to go to brunei after my mission to see him! 

Jason ( a 25 yr old programmer) is also getting baptized this week and we are super excited for him! this is for sure the most on fire of an area I have ever had! 

This was hit hard in Zone conference. One of the best missionary talks i think ever. 

you would be dumb not to read it :) Because of Jesus Christ. I can say that I fear no man.

love you all,

Elder Pierce 

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