Thursday, July 16, 2015

Transfers were today and Elder South and I are staying here in Miri! Really excited for the upcoming transfer! 

-Last P-Day we did a zone activity with President Simmons, we made beaded Chichacks and killed a live chicken malaysian style. Good intro for a new President into Malaysian culture. 

-Then last monday night we had our first zone meeting. We have a lot of elders going home in our zone so we talked a lot about goals and planning out what you want to be by the end of your mission and also by the end of your life. And then how to get there. "Plan your life with Purpose." -Pres. Monson. It seemed to go well. 

-One of our good investigators who is on date got robbed at knife point this week after a lesson walking home from the church with her friend. Welcome to Malaysia :) Luckily she doesn't blame it on the church and is still investigating :) 

-This week Elder South and I made some killer dishes. Steak Stroganoff over hand-made mashed potatoes, and a huge beef chili. 

-I got back to 100 pushups, 100 pullups and 100 situps this week. 14:44. Also got some protein powder. We bike a lot (i mean a lot) so cardio isn't quite as important in morning and nightly workouts as it was in JB. 

-Taught our basketball class again this week. We gave out jersey's too. (Thanks Dad.) And they loved it. And they were all asking about what the back meant. C.T.R. (see picture). Success. 

-Barry, the return missionary who hasn't been to church in 12+ years came to church again this week with us as his body guards. He even brought two friends. It is amazing to see the repentance process on a big scale right in front of you. Grace is real people. 

LARRY! Our branch had 4 baptisms this week. Which is a big deal considering we have only about 25 people coming to our recently started Chinese branch. Larry our "huge" -literally- investigator was baptized by our branch president on Sunday before church. Our branch president is a small guy so it took him twice to get Larry under but it finally happened. Not to mention the power in the whole building was out and so we had a baptism in about 120 degree heat in the church building. I guarantee they won't forget their baptism day for better or worse. But it worked out good. 

We found larry on the bus one day and invited him to basketball class and things just went from there. He has been a super investigator and will make an even better Priest in the Aaronic priesthood next week. 

My companion Elder South has taught me a lot about companionships. Things work so much better when you put the other person's wants, needs and concerns first. The same works in marriages I am assuming. 

As a missionary it is easy to get caught up in goals and numbers and all that good stuff and forget all the more important things which we often cannot count. I have been often pondering that this week. This talk really hits the point home. I invite you to Read it :) 

love you all,

Elder Pierce 

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