Tuesday, July 7, 2015

last p-day we walked barefoot on a pebble road for about half a mile. it hurt so bad. I guess it is chinese foot-ology :) (see picture) 

Another bike got stolen this week. My companions as well. I can't believe it. They just cut right through the lock again. Don't worry though..i have had enough, U-Lock now! :) I guess i didn't learn my lesson fast enough.. 

This was crazy..we were eating dinner and then this car drove straight into the shop, like literally rammed into the shop. Found out he was drunk but he just kept driving and no one was going to stop him. So I grabbed my companion and told him to follow me. We went out to the main road he and his drunk friend driving behind him and told them to get out of the car because they couldn't even drive straight and they were about to turn onto the highway. We distracted them for a while, while we called the police, (we asked the shop owner for the police phone number but they wouldn't give it to us because the drunk people were their customers, oh i was heated.). The police took forever and finally the drunk guys figured out that we were just entertaining them and so when we lost focus on them for a second they just drove off. 30 seconds after they left the police showed up and didn't do anything. Oh man malaysian police have me pretty mad. And no one else would help us. Everyone just stood watching as these two deadly drunk guys were about to pull out on the highway. Please don't ever do that. I don't think I have ever spoken with more emotion in Chinese than I did to the shopkeepers of that shop after it was all over...

Ran through a round-about this week. a huge round about. a 6 lane round about. It is usually crazy to bike them but running was a whole new level. 

Larry, the 17year old kid we found on the bus and through basketball class started teaching is now getting baptized this week! So exciting.. We bought him a tie this week in Singapore! He looked way good in it on sunday! 

We are now teaching a couple people from Brunei who are date to be baptized in August.. Brunei is another country, predominantly muslim, they even have religous police there so we cannot go there to proselyte but they can come to Miri to church! That is super cool. Might try and do some skype lessons with them.. 

Singapore was awesome this week! We had MLC with the new President, President Simmons and his wife! They are much younger and awesome! Then they followed us back to Miri as well as Elder Funk and his wife(he is in the first quorum of the seventy.) We had a huge districe conference with Miri and Bintulu here in Miri. It has been a wild week to say the least. Trying to manage all the elders here and the mission president and assistants and Elder Funk and his wife and also our own area but we are managing! 

We actually had Sister Simmons and Sister Funk join us for a lesson. That was super cool and a rare opportunity. 

President Simmons also speaks Chinese and they are both learning Malay. (He served his mission in taiwan.)

I love this work. It is gold. 

Alma 60:36 

love you all,

Elder Pierce 


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