Wednesday, July 22, 2015

我最近的目标是我要讲和写中文。 所以我今天会写中文。







So yes. I just wrote in Chinese. I know. I will translate what I just wrote. My goal as of late is to write everything in Chinese and speak in Chinese. And read. Trying to immerse myself as much as I can in an English and Malay and Chinese speaking country. I made a goal to not speak or write any english or pinyin (romanized chinese) this transfer. It is tough. But it is time to take Chinese to a new level! 

We got a gym membership this week. It has been great. about a 7 min bike ride from the house. 

Also in the morning we tried something new this transfer. We sleep without an alarm clock. It has the best change I have made in my life since who knows when. Really though. We can't get up late or else it messes up our schedule. ( and the spirit). But we have to decide to get up. So it is you yourself getting yourself out of bed because you want to and not your alarm clock and you have an argument about 5 min more of sleep. Wow. It is amazing. I attack everyday now instead of having every day attack me. It is the best.

I dare you all to try it.

Penny (from Kuching) was here this week. On vacation with her family who lives in Miri. So she got to come to a bunch of lessons which was really fun. 

One thing I pulled from the alarm clock analogy is what our purpose is as missionaries. We don't pull people out of bed. We invite them to get up the night before. We give them all the tools they need. But in the end it is their choice if they want to get up or not. The same is with prayer and reading the scriptures and church etc. We invite. That is our purpose. Sometimes people need a little prodding but much more than that we cannot do. But that does not mean we cannot expect success. We should always go in with an expecting success attitude. 

Stop getting pulled. Take the reins this week. It will change everything I promise. 


Elder Pierce 

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