Monday, June 15, 2015

So last monday we played basketball and we had a bunch of Chinese teenagers play for us. 

We teach a free English class each week and so I had the idea, well if we teach free english class then why not teach a free basketball class..? 

The kids (all about high school age) actually asked me to teach them so that also pushed the idea..

So on Thursday we had our first official class where I taught them some drills and stuff for an hour and then we taught a lesson about Jesus Christ after for anyone who wanted to stay and listen..(see picture below) 

We actually had a decent turnout of about 15 kids and about 7 stayed for the lesson after, 2 came to church on Sunday and 1 is on date for baptism on July 11th! and that is just after one class! 

We had our second class tonight which went good and we had about 17 kids come..

We are planning on keeping it going once a week..possibly twice..the kids are really really excited about it..

This area has not seen a lot of success in the past year or so...but by thinking outside the box we have seen some miracles..

Also I hit my year mark this week! We celebrated with a killer breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes, eggs and bacon) some stuff I haven't had in a long time..

Also we burned a shirt at the beach to mark our year mark..(see picture..) it is a missionary tradition..we had to hand build a fire though so it took me back to Boy Scouts.. 

Been cooking a lot inside..enchiladas, lasagna, vegetable and meat stews, Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, pot roast, and more..

Also biking through some of the biggest rainstorms this week, it is like Kuching all over again..:) Except that here we cross a lot more rivers and bike through the jungle a lot.. (see pictures) 

Lately I have been learning more how to write Chinese..I am trying to write everything that I do in Chinese is a slow process but it will come..not only do you have to know how to draw the character but also the order the strokes go in or else it looks wrong to the natives.. 

One of our miracle finds through the basketball class is named Larry..he is on date to be baptized on July 11th, he is a big dude (see pictures) but is a lot of fun and really loves the gospel..we are so excited to be teaching him..

This week I have been thinking about our belief in Jesus Christ.. We have a lot of less-actives in our branch who say that they believe in Jesus Christ until they are blue in the face but won't do anything..(read scriptures, pray, come to church etc..) 

There is a lady who always wears Jesus Christ shirts around but refuses do act or actually listen to what he is a serious problem in this area.. 

What we do is more important than what we say. Just remember that if you really truly believe in Jesus Christ then you will do what he says.. 

So look at your own belief in Jesus Christ and then you can read what he teaches in the Bible and Book of Mormon and see where you can improve.. we all can..

"The study of doctrine of Jesus Christ changes the behavior of people faster than the study of behavior changes people." -Boyd K. Packer

Alma 31:5

love you all,

Elder Pierce 


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