Monday, June 8, 2015

It was so hard to say goodbye in JB! The members there are definitely my favorite of any area thus far. On Tuesday night we had a big branch FHE with about 30 people to say goodbye to everyone since me and my companion were both leaving..

It was hard leaving Hady (we found the first week i was there in a big mall and she got baptized), Susanna (found on the bus and she is now baptized and wants to go to the temple next year with us!), Potmah's family (Indian family who's grandson was baptized), Lily's Family(who's son was baptized and we did FHE's every week at there house!) and the Ng's because he came with us to every lesson. 

Then I got on a plane (well two - 4 hour layover in KL) and flew back to East Malaysia! 

Oh man the smell of East Malaysia is so so good. Plus Miri is right on the beach and it just smells so good here. It is a small city, nothing compared to Kuching or JB. We bike everywhere like Kuching, unlike JB. And it is all Malay speaking people and Chinese, no Indian people here. 

It is super flat here and we live a 20 min bike from the beach. It is super quiet and relaxing here. It feels like I am on vacation I love it. We live in a two elder house. First time I lived with only my companion and the first time I have lived in a house. It makes things a lot quieter and it has been really nice. 

My companion Elder South is awesome. He is from Menan, Idaho population 741. He builds domes for a living. Seriously. Look up

He loves to cook at home and so we have been doing a lot of that (lasagna, meat and vegetable stews, etc.) it has been great. He is super easy going and so we have been getting along great. 

Sorry there is lot to talk about today..

Chinese people! There are tons here! The branch is in Chinese so that is nice. The branch is super small though. We had two people in Elders quorum yesterday. And one was the American Elder's quorum president from Texas who is working here for a couple years. 

Workouts have been great. Biking again has got me back into good shape this week and have been lifting at home and running and ball handling.
-Today we are going to play bball with some investigators and Potential investigators so that should be fun. And massacre some chickens. Yep. you heard me right. 

This week we went to a chinese cemetary. Helping them index it. It is so huge. 
Also we volunteer at a recycling plant here. That was fun. Got some blisters but it was fun. All Chinese people. 

Our area is great. We had two investigators and a less active come to church this week. The same kid who we are playing basketball with today. His 3 siblings and their friend are super awesome and are on date to be baptized on July 11th! Already seeing success in this area. The other two areas it took at least 6 weeks of work before we saw anything significant happen but not here! I am excited! 

Our branch is crazy. We have 15+ return missionaries in our little branch (attendance 22 this week) and they are almost all inactive. It is sad. But we will do what I can. The weird this is that they loved their missions but just won't come to church.. 

I have been thinking and pondering happiness while being in this vacation area Miri! But really we were created so we could be happy..think about it... 2 Nephi 2:25

Be happy! Relax a little! God wants us to be happy. It may sound silly but so true. Enjoy.

Love you all,

Elder Pierce

-pictures Lily's kids drew me before I left..
-Looking Muslim at the Airport..(those are the hats the men wear) 
-Elder South and the new study room! 
-Miri Branch
-Taking our investigators to church!


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