Monday, June 22, 2015

-Crocodile Farm last monday. Held a sunbear. that was cool. (see pictures)

We have been teaching a free English Class and a free basketball class. After each class we hold a gospel class for those who want to stay. Each time about half of the class stays around 8 of the 16 has been really effective..

I ate snail this week for the first time this week..yumm

Been back at the 100 100 100 drill this week but I am having to work up to it...right now just at 70 70 70..

Made some way good Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo and spanish rice this week from scratch..I love all the cooking skills I am getting from Elder South.. we cook from scratch a is fun..can't wait for me to cook sunday dinners for the family when I get home :) 

The missionary's this week did a musical number for the senior couple's farewell..I played the was a mesh of My Heavenly Father Loves Me, God Be With You Till' We Meet Again and I am a Child of God. Then on Sunday I did my arrangement of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing..

It is nice to move areas because then I can play all my hymn arrangements again and no one knows them! It is like I get to start over again!

This week I hooked up a speaker to my helmet so I can listen to conference as I bike around.. in Chinese, we spend a lot of time biking and it makes the time so much more useful..don't worry I am careful..

Our investigators are awesome! 

-Jason - He offered us a ride home from church for free after we missed the bus he is coming to church and doing all that good stuff :) God leads the prepared right into your arms sometimes..

Leonerd and Larry are both found through members and our basketball class, both are coming to church and on date to be baptized on July 11th! Super excited for them! 

All of our work seems to be in the range of 17-25 year old young men. It is great I love it. 

Alma 36:24 


Elder Pierce


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