Sunday, April 19, 2015

Transfers! - I am staying another transfer here in Johor Bahru with Elder Lundahl-Wolford! Stoked for it! 

Been hitting the gym lifting everyday! And bball every night which has been great! Really getting after it! 

Ate 14 routi cani this week in one sitting.The record was 11. and yeah I about died after. Never doing that again. 

A Recent Convert Lily came for a family home evening at the Senior Couples house and got robbed as she walked to her card. 3 guys just came up and grabbed her and snatched her bag and ran over her feet with their moto (Motorcycle). It was a pretty messed up move. Her feet were really messed up and we felt terrible that we hadn't walked her and her kids out to the car and maybe could've stopped the incident. 

This week we have had some interesting taxi experiences.

One taxi driver this week (Hindu man) gave us a free taxi ride across the city because he loved that we were God's servants. 

Another Taxi driver didn't have any religious interest except for working and eating. We tried to convince him that there was more to life and happiness than that. In the middle of the drive to our next appointment, I had the thought that we should say a prayer right there in the taxi for him while he driving. He said ok. I prayed really hard out loud. After, we asked him how he felt. He said he felt something different. We explained that was the spirit! Now he is willing to meet with us again! Follow those promptings! 

I have praying to have more charity and love towards the people that we teach and so this week me and Elder Lundahl-Wolford baked cookies and gave them to our investigators.

They were tough though. The first batch came out all burnt. Figures. Even the second batch wasn't very good but here in Malaysia they don't like that sweet of things, and so we gave them out and people seemed to like them ok. 

Another lady contacted us this week on the street. She said she had contacted us before and wanted to learn about Jesus Christ and attend our weekly English class but had lost our phone number! She had been hoping to run into us again. What are the chances that she would run into us again in this huge city? If we had left the apartment any sooner or later she would have never seen us. She hardly ever passes through this area. God really does bring the prepared people into our path. 

Hady also got baptized this week. She is from Korea and her and her family contacted us in a huge mall near the Singapore border. Although the other Elders taught her because she lives in their area we still felt attached to her baptism because we were the ones that found her. I really believe that God led us to her and her to us. God is in this work.

The miracles continue.. Lily the one who got robbed this week is a recent convert whose husband is a non-member! but we have been trying for months and months to get her son who is 11 years old baptized because he is completely ready but sometimes Chinese parents expect perfection out of their kids. Happens a lot in this culture actually. So they weren't allowing him to get baptized. 

This week we showed our love towards them and met everyday with them for the last 8 days. We brought them gifts, played games with them as a family and shared quick spiritual thoughts. It was wonderful and by the end of the week they wanted their son Justin to be baptized! What changed? Not their son's behavior, but rather we increased our amount of love towards them. Elder Dallin H. Oaks tells a similar story(see below) can change everything..I promise. Think..who can you show your love more to? It will change everything. 

Love you all,

Elder Pierce 

Dallin H. Oaks said: "I close with another example of a family relationship. At a stake conference in the Midwest about 10 years ago, I met a sister who told me that her nonmember husband had been accompanying her to church for 12 years but had never joined the Church. What should she do? she asked. I counseled her to keep doing all the right things and to be patient and kind with her husband.
About a month later she wrote me as follows: “Well, I thought that the 12 years was a good show of patience, but I didn’t know if I was being very kind about it. So, I practiced real hard for over a month, and he got baptized.”
Kindness is powerful, especially in a family setting. Her letter continued, “I am even trying to be kinder now because we are working on a temple sealing this year!”

Six years later she wrote me another letter: “My husband was [just] called and set apart as the bishop [of our ward].”2"

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