Sunday, April 12, 2015

Imagine this: Our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto Jesus Christ through Baptism but this week we tried with everything we could, to try and talk one of our investigators out of getting baptized. 

It's a lot to explain but I will try. He is getting married to a lady that is 28 years older than him in the church so he can get a permanent visa here in Malaysia and she won't marry him unless he joins the church and so that is what he doing. He only speaks Panjabi and Hindi though so it is hard. 

Basically he wants to get baptized for the wrong reasons. We laid down Tithing, Chastity, Word of Wisdom and Keep the Sabbath Day Holy all at once which is just asking for it. But he ate all of it up. He even thought when we were talking about Pornography that he couldn't watch any movies and was totally down to never watch another movie. It was crazy. 

Elder Lu kept emphasizing how you must do all these things for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! Did you hear me? THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! It was pretty intense but he still came to church and wants to get baptized. Oh, the problems you face on the mission. Things you never thought you would ever have to deal with you deal with. And you love it :) 

So last Monday Elder Lu and I got a gym membership to Green Fitness down the street (comparable to a Gold's gym) and we have been hitting it hard every morning for the last week. 

We wake up at 7am then run about 12 minutes to the gym and then lift for like 30 minutes hard and then run home. 

Every night we have been hitting the basketball court outside our house from 10-10:30. It is sick. Gotta love the grind. 

Plus Protein shakes everyday! 

But don't think working out is all we do. I just highlighted about 1 hour of are daily schedule. The other 13 hours are all missionary work. So don't worry. 

But it has been nice to get back in the gym. I got 3 months in the gym and am banking on not getting transferred. Need some hard prayers. haha

This week we had a baptism of a little Indian kid, named Daniel (see pictures). His parents are not members but his grandparents are! Elder Lu baptized him and it was a spectacular night! 

Me and Elder Lu also got to play a musical number for the baptism. I played "gracie's theme" by Paul Cardall while he did a voice over from scriptures, hymns etc. Similar to what Elder Fletcher and I did in Kuching, East Malaysia. 

Love you all! 


Happy Easter! 

Elder Pierce


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