Monday, April 27, 2015

The gym everyday has been killer. We go Monday through Friday. Alternating Chest and Legs one day and Biceps, Triceps, Back and Shoulders the other day. & Protein everyday. We are getting huge out here in West Malaysia. Huge physically and on the Holy Spirit. (See further down.)

Also still been playing basketball at nights and on Saturday mornings. We sometimes play with the Chinese kids in our apartment. They aren't that good but they are teaching me a little bit of how to trash talk in Chinese...("guanlan" means dunk in chinese) (literally means "close  basket") and ("toulan" means shoot in Chinese). Working on my basketball Chinese vocabulary. 

I think when I get back on the NCAA court I am going to always trash talk in Chinese..just to mess with the other guys. haha. I guess I could say anything I want and they wouldn't know..

One of our investigators an Indian woman named Susanna who will be baptized next month went from 10 cups of coffee to 0 in one day! Crazy! She is super awesome though! Grandma and Grandpa Hanson! I dare you to try! haha

Also one night we had a Chinese man who is just this random guy take us out to eat (he wasn't interested in the gospel) but he took us to eat shark. I had no idea that stuff was that good! I could of ate an entire shark that is how good it was..

Was reading through my journal from college and the summer before and I realized that I think that one year changed me more than any year has ever changed everyone. That was the year I discovered that God existed, Jesus Christ was my Savior, the Book of Mormon was true and fasting and prayer really did work..

My mission has only found the loop holes in my testimony and helped me work through them and analyzed and re-analyzed my testimony and continued to barricade it. 

Everyday on the mission is a rollercoaster. There are days when I would do anything to stop do missionary work because it is so hard, frustrating, depressing etc. all of the above. 

But then there are days like yesterday that make it all worth it. When you can feel the power of God working through, you have the spirit and you see it working through you and feeling its influence, influence others. 

Yesterday, I fasted to feel the spirit and see the hand of God in our work more because when I feel that and see His hand in our work is when I am the happiest and feel the most at ease. Because I know that I am doing what I am supposed to. 

Yesterday I had so many miracles but I will just share two quick ones: 
1. Elder Mitchell and I were on splits and gave a woman a blessing who was sick and couldn't walk more than like 5 feet. I didn't think anymore of it because she was in the other elder's area. But yesterday after fasting to see God's hand in our work, she came up to me and related what happened after we left that night of giving the blessing. She said that after the blessing and we had left she felt much better and was able to make the 3 km walk from her friends house to her own house. God cares enough to let us see his hand in our work but sometimes we just have to ask. 

2. Shout out to my bro Austin Celaya (Elder Celaya in New York) for this second miracle. Reading through my college spiritual journal I read about a time that Austin showed me how to really prayer. Like really sincere and slow and with lots of thinking about what you are saying and really meaning what you are saying. Sometimes on the mission you get into a rote routine of prayers because you end up praying maybe 50 times a day. Well after reading about that in my journal I tried it again. We were heading home on Sunday night and I prayed really hard that we would be able to know who to talk to on the way home or that God would put prepared people in our path. Within literally 3 seconds after I finished our prayer we walked straight into a Chinese kid named Eugene who was about 17yrs old. Christian. And VERY interested in the restoration. We basically taught him the whole first lesson on the spot. and set up a return appointment. And then on the bus home we ran into some christian Koreans who were good friends with Hady (who just got baptized from Korea in our branch) and we set a return appointment with them too! 

Sorry for the long email but I just feel so strongly that if you want to see God's hand in your life all they have to do is ask for it sincerely to be revealed to you and then really watch and see life open up to you in ways you cannot imagine. 

Read this scripture.

Alma 17:2-3

Love you all,

Elder Pierce 

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