Sunday, April 12, 2015

Last P-Day we played Rugby. So much fun. We played 5 versus 6. So we were down a player and we won 9 tri's to 0. Maybe I have found a new sport. Just kidding. But it was a lot more fun than I thought. 

I got to do another baptismal interview for a Korean girl that is getting baptized this Saturday. I love doing the baptismal interviews. It is so awesome to see such young blossoming testimonies. 

Actually the girl (Hady) is a girl who we (Elder Lundahl-Wolford and I)  contacted like the first week we were in JB. We didn't end up teaching her because she is in the other area but since we found her we feel some attachment to her baptism. 

It was cool because I was able to first meet her and then do her baptismal interview and so I was able see the huge progress she made, without seeing all the in-between time/teaching. Like a before and after. Super cool.

Had another miracle this week. We were contacting a guy who wasn't interested on the bus and then this other Indian lady overheard and she asked "Are you Christian?" We were a little shocked but said "Of Course!" 

We met with her the next day. She is awesome. She is on date for baptism for May 23rd and came to all 4 hours of conference on Sunday and loved it. The Lord works in mysterious ways. 
But He definitely works. 

Elder Lu twisted his ankle really bad this week playing basketball. We had to get him crutches and have been taking a lot more taxis around. I have been giving him the ice bucket treatments! Remember those Mom, Dad? He hates them but don't we all. 

-This week I have been trying to imagine Jesus Christ always by my side. Always there. Like my backup buddy. It is a cool imagination to always have. But in reality he is always there. We just don't always think about it. 

The spirit is real. What can I say. There have been some things happen this week. Really strange things that I can't explain and I know the spirit has been guiding us. It is unbelievable. All you have to do is try to ask for the spirit and then exercise faith (actually do something) and then just PAY ATTENTION. And you can find the spirit is all over, in, and throughout your life. 

God is so intertwined in his Missionary work it is unbelievable. Amazing to watch. 

But I believe that He is just as involved in your personal lives whether you be in America or wherever. He loves you. He sacrificed everything for you. And he NEVER EVER leaves you alone. 


love you all,

Elder Pierce 

P.S. Mosiah 4. The Whole Chapter. 

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