Tuesday, March 3, 2015

-Watched Meet the Mormons this week at zone conference in Singapore. If you haven't watched it. Watch it. Wonderful movie. http://meetthemormons.com/

-In Singapore, went to see the real papers that Leonardo Da Vinci wrote for all of his crazy designs. Very cool.

-In the mornings, I have been running 17's. Doing all I can to stay in shape. Even ran some 34's. 
Along with a lot of shooting.

-MIT Bball: I know we lost this week to Babson but I think we got an exciting future for us. Congrats on the season boys. I was there in heart. Love you guys. Time to bounce back like we always do. 

-Chinese is coming along. About half of our investigators are chinese right now. A lot of Indians. 

Story:..an Indian man fed us the best and the most Indian food I have ever had. It is called Mutton Briyani. Basically, rice and curry and lamb and this white sauce. So spicy. So good though. 

-on my mission I feel that I have grown to like spicy food a lot more-

Anyways then while we were watching the restoration video he invited he pastor over. Together we watched the rest of the restoration video and then as soon as it concluded he stood up and said that he had the same exact experience and walked out of the room politely. We were all stunned but there was nothing to do. Anyways...we will see how Robert ends up, when his Pastor claims to be Joseph Smith himself and to have seen God. Crazy.

-I am getting more hymns down on the piano. I usually play for the branch. If anyone finds any really good hymn arrangements feel free to send them my way. 

-Also taught the 17 nepalese guys again yesterday. Me and Elder Lundahl-Wolford stood on the bench and literally preached to them. It was wild. Here we are, modern Alma and Amulek's haha

-Then we led them through the plan of salvation. Literally acting it out. Some acting as Adam and Eve some as God and Jesus etc. We led them across the park acting it out. Again an experience I will never forget. 

We had a goal to get 130 phone numbers these last 6 weeks and we crushed it. We have 159 phone numbers as a district of 4 elders. Pretty proud of our district. We are teaching about 30 different people right now, but getting them to church is proving a huge challenge. Transportation is a huge problem in this city. It takes us about 2 hours of bus ride to get to some parts of our area. It is crazy. We could really use a car. 

You may ask what is it that drives me to talk to everyone that we see..it is because I pain and suffer to see anyone go without Jesus Christ and the restored gospel in their lives. 

Mosiah 28:3 explains it really well. Look it up. 

Basically knowing that everyone is my brother and sister, gives me a responsiblity to share with them the knowledge I have. I have heard this a million times but now I know what people are talking about when they say that. 

love you all,

Elder Pierce 


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