Monday, March 23, 2015

This week was insane. Definitely the craziest week of my mission: I will try to let you in on as much as I can in the short time..

Last P-Day we went the Kite Museum here. Boring. But Malaysian's love flying kite's. Kites are on all the coins here. It is a little weird how much they love them but yeah there is your cultural moment for the week.

After that we went to this Muslim mosque and walked inside then got kicked out because we were touching the books (Quran and others) without clean and blessed hands and yeah anyways they didn't like us very much. 

I want to tell you and typical three meals for us:

-Breakfast: Bowl of microwaved oatmeal with peanut butter, apples and raisins mixed in. And a 3 egg omelet with tomatoes.

-Lunch: Steamed Vegetables (carrots, broccoli, and cabbage). Salad with tomatoes and Caesar dressing. 

-Dinner: Out to eat: Rice, Curry, Chicken or Beef, cabbage and green beans. Or Mertabak ayam (bread with Chicken and onions inside)..dipped in 3 different kinds of curry of course. 

This isn't what we eat everyday but it is a typical day. It is very different from Kuching. A lot more Indian food and I lot less Chinese food. 

One of our investigators passed his interview this week for baptism but his mom isn't sure because (he is 11 yrs old) he is naughty sometimes in sacrament meeting. I tried to tell her that I used to be super naughty in sacrament meeting but it shouldn't keep from getting baptized but we will see. Chinese parents here are super super strict with their kids and very condescending. Everyone is always telling me how bad their kids are and I am always like "they are great kids cmon!" It was the same way in Kuching!

Had to deal with some crazy insane stuff this week. I have to leave out some of the details but here goes. One of our members goes crazy about evil spirits bothering her and we have to try and calm her down every week. She feels if she comes to church that she will bother everyone else with her bad spirits. 

Another member came to our apartment to see the senior couple last week and refused to leave and just walked around our apartment muttering about how everyone wouldn't help her and yeah.

Then on Sunday one of our investigators got accused for robbery and yeah. Of a members wallet and so we have spent some of the time chasing down our investigator who we don't know if she really stole it. Filing a police report on our own investigator was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. 

And then our investigator had a panic attack because of the accusations against her for the robbery by our member and she passed out and went into like a mode I have never seen anything before. She couldn't breathe and blood was coming out her mouth. And she wasn't responding to anything and her whole body was tight. They couldn't get her fists unclenched and I thought she might die. Seriously. Plus she was screaming which didn't add to the atmosphere. There were like 5 people on top of her trying to get her to relax and they couldn't. She wasn't mad but just scared out of her mind. It is hard to describe.

On the spot we gave here a priesthood blessing. It was hard because she was moving around like crazy and so we had to really try hard to keep our hands on top of her head but afterward she calmed down slowly. It was the wildest thing ever. 

This is missionary work. :) It's crazy. 

--I left out a lot of details because I had to but just know it was insane--

But aside from all the crazy things that happened this week. We had two miracles. Two of our investigators (two separate ones) came back from their first lessons and said they had recieved an answer to their prayer about Joseph Smith for one of them. And about whether or not to attend our church or not. Both said it was feelings they couldn't describe but just knew. We helped them realize this was the spirit. 

This never happens. We always invite people to pray about what we teach and no one ever gets an answer right off the bat. But I believe it is because they don't have what we call "real intent." Really asking, and really willing to act on any answer that we get. 

I testify because of our two investigators experiences and of my own that if you ask with real desire and belief willing to act on the answer you will get an answer. To any question you may have.

And everyone has questions. So what are you waiting for? Get started :) 

Sending my love,

Elder Pierce

ps. Forgot to mention. Today went to a sick waterfall and crocodile farm. ->Hence the pictures..

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