Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Last monday I got a crazy Tamil haircut..they like try to rip your hair out after they cut your hair and do some insane hitting your head with their hands stuff. I thought they might break my skull but I guess it is just the Indian style. I can't explain it but you just have to experience it..

Had a lesson with an 80 yr old recent convert when on splits with one of the other elders and in the middle of it he started balling and telling us about his son that died. It was quite intense and emotional and all in Chinese.

We have been trying to meet with a less-active Tamil family for 7 weeks + and finally we gave up trying and just decided to take them chocolate and a card. Miraculously, we had an appointment set up by the end of the week. Amazing what just a little bit of Chocolate can do! 

The appointment with this family was amazing. We brought a member from America who was visiting but was a return missionary and had taught at the MTC for 8 years and wow he knew how to teach. It was unbelievable. He was calling them to repentance telling the man to the face that "You don't have a testimony! "and "you need to take responsibilty of your families relationship with Jesus Christ! Because you haven't!" But he didn't come off as rude or angry but he did it in the most loving way. I finally saw how Jesus Christ was able to be so bold yet still have the Charity that we always strive to have within ourselves. Boldness without Charity is rude and unfriendly. Charity without boldness is just untruthful. To be like Jesus Christ we must combine the two. At once. 

We did a service project this week. Picking up trash for a few hours. There is so much trash here. It reminded me of picking up trash with Mom all the time at Wildwood park. I will never forget that. 

I realized how diverse this place is. Everyday we run into people from Nepal, Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Phillipines, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and New Zealand. And currently we are teaching people from almost every single one of those countries. It is pretty unbelievable. 

This week we couldn't get anyone to set up an appointment with us. Everyone said: "I will call you, when I have time!" But of course they didn't. And won't. Sometimes it is hard to get people to realize that we are trying to help them improve their lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ not waste their time. 

Even the electrician who we want to pay money said "I will call you, when I have time." Basically wraps up our week. BUT, we had 5 investigators come to church this week which is super awesome! So it kind of made up for the lack of lessons this week. 

I also gave talk in Church. And then we taught Primary. Wow that made homesick for Savannah and my little brothers but wow is the primary wild. It was a good switch up though. 

Then to end the week nicely, my bike got stolen last night. They were locked to the bus stop. Here we usually bike to the bus stop and take a bus because our area is so large. Anways, while we were gone, some guy came and cut the lock (see picture) and then took my bike but left Elder Lundahl-Wolford's bike. So at least we got one bike. It must have been a one man job other wise he would've taken the other bike since it wasn't tied up anymore. But it's ok. That can't stop us! It was a hand-me-down anyways so no worries. 

I'll end with a thought. I have been thinking about how often we judge others lately and Joseph Smith said something powerful. He said: "Do you think that even Jesus, if He were here, would be without fault in your eyes?" I believe that if Jesus Christ were here we might all judge him as well. Even as him being perfect, we would see perfect things he does and in our imperfect state judge perfect actions as imperfect. When we look at our friends, relatives and acquatinces please as mortal beings focus on their strengths and our own weaknesses. 

It helps when you have a companion with you 24/7. And I love Elder Lundahl-Wolford as a brother. 

Love you all,

(Sorry for the long email this week.) 

Elder Pierce 


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