Monday, March 9, 2015

Transfers are today! And I am staying in JB for another 6 weeks! With Elder Lundahl-Wolford! I am excited about it! 

This week we did what? Basically everything. Let's begin:

Realized this week that it doesn't matter what you teach if you don't feel the spirit in the lesson. The most important part of anything (a lesson, study, or anything) is that you get a spiritual conviction that it is true. Otherwise you can teach all the doctrine you won't matter 

Biked pretty far this week; felt like I was back in Kuching..

One really cool thing happened twice this week; twice when we were walking/biking away from our lessons..we watched our investigators start reading the book of mormon and really dive into it by of the best feelings in the world watching your investigators fall in love with the book of mormon..

Also we were biking along the highway this week when we on bikes got pulled over by the cops..we thought they were going to kick us out of the country and ask for our passports and stuff but instead they just told us to get off the highway..that was pretty scary though..

We have been calling all of our investigators everyday. It might be annoying but it makes it easy to know who really wants to talk to us and who is just trying to put up with us..

On Thursday we went to KL for a day trip..for what they call a mission tour. Woke up at 5:30am and took a one hour flight there and then spent the day there at the chapel in a big meeting with a bunch of other missionaries from the mission and Elder Funk from the seventy was there and running the meeting. Then we flew home that night! My first time in KL and even though we didn't get to see much it was still awesome! 

There are very few real church buildings here. Kuching and Singapore are about the only ones. Even in KL we can't have church buildings because the government and Christianity still don't get along all our church meeting places are like this little hole in the wall shops..quite weird but now I am used to it. 

Got to do some gardening work at our branch presidents house which was a lot of fun actually. It took me back to gardening at our house when we were young with Mom.. 

I play piano almost everyweek in sacrament meeting in is great. Also have been getting to play some of my hymn arrangements here as well..

-Finished my basketball challenge for this all 24 spots of the Ray Allen drill..basically making 10 shots before you miss 5..

-Also finished reading Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith this week. Great book. Would encourage it for anyone who wants to read it..

I will end with a thought; Mark 1:35 says about Christ: "And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed."

I have been doing this. Getting up early and praying in a solitary place and promise if you take your morning and nightly prayers as serious as Christ does you WILL feel the spirit in your life. I promise. 

With all love,

Elder Pierce 


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