Monday, February 23, 2015

Week #37... Dream Week, Chinese New Year!!

One of the craziest weeks of my mission.

-made 100 three's in 25 min no rebounder..shout out to my brothers going into playoffs this week at MIT..let's get it..repeat of last year..

-Chinese New Year was this week which is bigger than any holiday in America by far. People prepare for months for this thing and I can't even describe how insane New Year's Eve was. But I'll try.

-We could not sleep all night because the fireworks were too loud and I can pretty much sleep through anything. We went to the 23rd floor of our building and watched them at midnight when they were crazy. We could see miles in every direction and it looked like the city was exploding..literally. huge fireworks were going off everywhere and the horizon in all 360 degrees was filled with them. July 4th doesn't even compare sorry. Grandpa and Grandma Hanson you would have loved it considering how much you love fireworks

-The city was like Ghost town after new years it was crazy..eveyone went back to their hometowns and so literally no one was here it was weird..

-on Saturday we walking on the street and this guy came on a moto and yelled at us and before I knew what happened his half eaten apple had hit me square in the chest. He had chucked it at me. I always here of stuff getting thrown at missionaries but never thought it would happen. I actually thought it was pretty cool haha.

-We also met this guy from Nepal (there are a lot of people from Nepal here) and then he said we could teach him later that night. We show up and there were like 13 of his other friends and so we taught all 14 of them in a gutter on the side of the road. It felt like preaching like they did in the olden days because we usually don't teach that many people at once. We were teaching half in Malay half in english and then they would translate into Nepalese so that the other people who didn't speak english could understand. It was sick. One of the coolest experiences on my mission. 

-We have been trying to do service more for the members here and so we went this week and cleaned a members Chinese members hair cutting shop's windows. Then they took us to Pizza hut after which is a real treat. They don't have pizza in Kuching like that and it is really expensive. Don't get it very often..

-Also we are teaching a few kids still and so we were feeling like we needed to work out more and still teach these kids so we made up a lesson on repentance that combined the two..We would do pushups representing Jesus Christ's suffering and then when the kids did something bad they would have to put bricks on our backs (or something else they had that was heavy) and then we would have to do pushups until they "repented" and then they could take them off. One time we got to 6 bricks on my back. It got pretty tough but it worked :) They got the concept and we got a good workout in :) 

-Also been praying out loud lately. If you don't do it. Try it. It really helps. 

-The traffic has been insane here because of Chinese New Year. 

-We were on the freeway yesterday and cars were going backwards on the freeway (like driving in reverse) because they were trying to get back to last exit on the freeway to get off. I have never seen anything like it. 

-Also since I am district leader I do the Baptismal interviews for our district. So last night I did my first baptismal interview and it was in Chinese. Went well though! He passed! 

I will end with a thought that I have been having a lot this week: 

"We who lived in concentration campscan remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number but they are sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms -- to choose one's attitude; in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's way." -Viktor Frankl

Choose your attitude. Choose your reaction. Choose your way. No matter the circumstance. You have the power to. I promise. 

love you all,

Off to Singapore!!!!

Elder Pierce 


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