Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week #34...Kickin' it, 20 years old in Johor Bahru, West Malaysia! What the life!

First, I am back with my MTC companion, how wild is that. Elder Lundahl-Wolford is by far the most fun companion I have been with and I am stoked to be back with him. 

-Second, the food here is way too good. Honestly, I am gonna have to watch myself. It is an unreal difference from Kuching. 

-Third, they have a basketball court here. Game time. We have been on it everyday. It is the best. We are playing today with some of the elders for P-day too. Time to show them whats up. Most of the people are already scared to play against me in the mission though. I guess word gets around..haha

-I also didn't realize how good my area in terms of missionary work was in Kuching. Our investigators the few that we have are not that great and there isn't much going on here. It's time to change the area just like we did in Kuching. We are gonna get to work this week. 

-Funny chinese thing: There is no such thing as floor 4 here. It goes from 3 to 3A to 5. It is because the chinese number 4 sounds similar to the word for death and so it is an unlucky number. They are deathly scared of the number and so the don't even have floor 4 anywhere... crazy.

-We had the craziest experience of my mission this week. We ran into this tamel man who invited us into his home with the smallest towel i have ever seen around him. He literally was naked basically but super friendly. Almost too friendly so it got kind of creepy but he wanted to learn about Jesus Christ so we tried. He ended up telling us his life story which was almost exactly like Job in the bible in that he lost everything, money family etc. Crazy. Then he started cussing up a storm and yeah. It was interesting time but it ended up ok. We are still debating on going back haha. 

-the people in JB; mostly all malay (muslim) soo we can't teach them but then there is also a ton of tamel (Indian/Hindu) people and Chinese. 

-Saying goodbye to everyone in Kuching was hard but I am excited to get to work in JB. 

-JB is a lot bigger in size than kuching and we take a lot more public transportation. mostly buses.

-oh and I turned 20! crazy. I can't believe it. two decades I have lived and it seems like nothing. Time to go hard!

I will end with a thought. I can't remember if I shared this before but anyways. It is D&C 56:29

It says that someone who is commanded in all things is a slothful or lame servant of God. But that we should do lots of things out of our own free will. So basically telling me to get up and do something. Don't wait for the spirit to prompt. Although it will but sometimes we have to do things without God's prompting. After action comes motivation. So what are you waiting for? 

Love you all,

Elder Pierce 


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