Monday, February 16, 2015

Week #36...Saturday Sacrament Meetings, and the Chinese NBA! Johor Bahru here we come!

-Talking to people in Chinese about the NBA is weird because they tell me all these things that I didn't know was happening in the NBA plus it is in Chinese so it is harder to understand so I feel like I know nothing about basketball.

-But on a high note basketball every morning with Elder Lu has been great. getting in shape, and getting the shot right. 

-Shout out to my brothers at MIT who finish the season this week. Then playoffs! Let's get it! It kills me to have to wait all week to look at the scores..then I get to know what happened in a matter of kills me. 

-I actually met someone this week who knew what MIT was. Miracle. People here usually have no clue. Not quite like the states. People here can't even dream of getting to the states. Visas are just too hard..

-We also visted a Chinese old folk home this week. Way funny talking to old chinese people. They all love white people that can speak chinese though. They are always so surprised. it is great. 

-We taught the plan of salvation to this indian family in our area and we acted it out on the front lawn. Pretty great actually walking through our eternal lives..walking through where we came from and where we came made it a lot more real. 

-Here they have sacrament meeting on Saturday's as well as sunday's. It is weird but it is for the kids here because they have school on Sunday's here. Weekends are Friday and Saturday's. It is because of the Muslim government. 

-It is saturday nights and the sacrament meeting lasts about 20 min tops. They do sacrament and then two little kids go up and give two talks which is just two testimonies that last about 15 seconds each and then the meeting is over! Crazy! It is a kids version of sacrament meeting and it is sweet. 

-Had a cool experience this week. We called this guy and cussed us out on the phone and so usually that means someone doesnt want to learn right? But I had this strong prompting to call him back a few days later. We did and now we have an appointment with him. The spirit is real. I am not sure what happened the other night we called him but all I know is he is about to become a new investigator because I went against the regular due to a spiritual promting. Don't be afraid to go against the crowd or what normal people would do to follow a prompting. Just follow it. I promise you won't regret it.! 

Love you all,

Elder Pierce 

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