Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week #35..Bigger than Man landing on the Moon and the Super Bowl combined! It is Chinese New Year!

-Really though, for the last month, the hype here continues to build and everyone just talks and talks about Chinese new year..

-The parties here are apparently crazy and people are already getting too busy to meet with us because they have to prepare for Chinese new year which is in two weeks. Ridiculous haha. 

-Cultural moment: Hindu's and muslim's eat with their hands. Apparently it is more sanitary than silverware. That is what they say at least. It is pretty tempting I must admit..

-Here we have been riding buses like crazy. Much less biking..and much more walking as well..but we get to talk to a lot more people while we travel which has seen some miracles. 

-Been working out each morning and night now. Without biking as much I have felt a need to step up my workout game. Running, basketball, weights (x-bar) and lots of burpies.

-Me and Lu Zhang Lao got a bunch of protein this week also and have been going hard with it. 

-Went on a 6 hour trip to a part of our area in the middle of no where and washed a members windows. It was fun but the 6 hour trip was brutal. 

-We are currently trying to start english class here. Most people need it. I am afraid my english is getting worse just talking to them,,

-I have started learning how to read Chinese characters a lot more lately. Simplified Characters. Currently, Reading the Book of Mormon in simplified characters..

-Almost got arrested at a Malay government building this week, we were teaching a lesson outside of it and they got pretty mad. There are a lot more Muslims in West Malaysia and they are way stricter about things so we have to be careful. 

-Went to pizza hut for my birthday this week. Pizza is the best thing ever. I haven't had it in so long. Wow. America is so lucky. 

-Also at the basketball court at our apartment there were some kids who were playing and I asked them if I could play them. Drained 4 straight from about 30+ feet and they forfeited but said they wanted to learn about Jesus Christ so we got their numbers and now we are trying to teach them! Trying to utilize all the talents I got! haha basketball and church do go together you just have to be creative..

-Also I am District leader here in JB so I gave my first training this week. Went well. I love trying to inspire people. Trying to start a fire under some missionaries is quite the task but I love it. 

Quick thought from a talk I read this week from 2001 that was amazing and really hit home: 

"Given the purpose of our existence, if we do not love God and neighbor, whatever else we do will be of little eternal consequence." -Elder Robert F. Orton

Basically it doesn't matter what you do in life if you don't love others. How many championships you won, how businesses you started, how many people you baptized, how much money you earned, whatever school you went to, whether you were the president of the united states or an astronaut. 

In the end if you don't show love to your friends, enemies, and people on the street none of that means anything. 


Elder Pierce 

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