Monday, April 11, 2016

我爱中国! 真的! 他们都需要耶稣的福音!




I love CHINA!! we have some awesome new investigators from China and a few of them want to baptized! We also have a nice couple from Singapore that wants to be baptized! The field is all white ready to harvest! I testify of it! 

Elder Bringhurst and I are doing great! He is coming along so fast! 

I also had a baptism in Canada this week! (see the picture below) 
The less active I brought back in the 3rd ward (Phillipino Ward) went to Canada and baptized his wife! how cool is that ? 

:) baptisms across the nations! I love missionary work! Nothing gives me more happiness! 

Our house is working out like crazy! I love it! Really getting into the groove of being a normal missionary again :) i love it. 

Conference is the best. I learned that I need to be humble. I realized that no matter how many Chinese people I find that only the prepared ones are found by God. I see it happen everytime. He leads them right to us when He wants to. His time. His work. This is for Him. I love Him. He lives! 


Elder Pierce 

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