Monday, April 4, 2016

Now i am serving the chinese 2nd ward in singapore. with my new companion Elder Bringhurst. IT is his first week in the mission field. He already learned chinese for 3 years so his chinese is already amazing.

he is from Albany New york. he goes to BYU studying Law

and he loves sports. Perfect. This is my second time training and i am excited :) 

We only have one goal these next two transfers. Baptism at least one person from China. That is all i want in life. And will pray for it day after day and fast for it week after week. 

I love China chinese so much. So so so so so much. It is so beautiful. Sometimes it makes me want to cry it is so beautiful. 

We have already seen many miracles from praying for Chinese people and wow God is preparing the way. We already had many investigators at church and are ready to get this area pumping. The whole island of Singapore to myself. Oh,wow. What an opportunity. 

Prayer is real. 

The restoration is so real. Just read the new testament and tell me it is not. 1400 years of darkness. 

i testify this is the restored church. AMen . 

i testify that China is all white and ready to harvest. 

Elder Pierce 

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