Monday, April 25, 2016

I love missionary work. I have become literally infatuated with helping people here. It is all I think about and dream about. I can't take my mind off of these people. 

I love speaking chinese. I love teaching people the gospel. It is the hardest yet the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. I love all of our investigators they are so awesome. The area is exploding. 2nd ward is feeling the fire. The members don't know what has hit them :) i love it. 

Ate lots of chinese food that was ridiculously spicy this week. I love it. I love Chinese people. 

Looks like we are going to have 4 baptisms on May 21st so that is exciting! 

and then some more in June when Mom and Dad come! :) best gift i could try and offer! 

Working out hard and taking protein as usual. Getting ready for the ring of 2016. NCAA tourney here we come! 

I testify this is the work of the Lord. I feel lost in it this week. Literally lost. I love that so much. 

When you lose your life you gain it. I didn't know it was possible to be this happy. 

Missionary work is the hardest work ever but oh so worth it :) 

i love you all. 

我知道我们现在是在做神的施工. 我知道耶稣基督是我们的救赎主。他一直保护我们。 我爱祂。


Elder Pierce


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