Sunday, September 27, 2015

-Had a solid 2 hour+ basketball workout this last monday. Oh so good :) legs are done from it though...

-Ate the most food ever at this member house nicknamed Khatib Kingdom. It was a Filipino tradition to eat with their hands at this particular meal and so they just dump it on the table and eat. 

More Filipino culture: -you can't eat the last piece of something. Very disrespectful.

I love the Filipino's. They are the most happy people I think I have ever met. Wow. It is slightly unbelievable. It reminds me of Mom and Karen and how they laugh all the time together. BUT, EVERY FILIPINO is like that. All the time, with anyone else, especially other Filipinos. I love this area. 

Then this week we headed up to Sibu (East Malaysia) and then to the island of Penang (off the coast of the northern part of West Malaysia) for exchanges with the Zone Leaders. These are two of the last places I have not been in the mission so it was nice to see a couple new places. 

Then this weekend we came back and had a baptism in our area! Sister Mae! She is so awesome! She was investigating when I got here! We have a few other baptisms coming up in a couple weeks as well! Filipinos are so receptive to the gospel. 

-Side-note: I still am able to supply the Chinese sisters wit ha steady stream of referrals since i get to use Chinese still quite a bit in Singapore especially but even in other areas throughout the mission.. 

Many times on my mission people have questioned me about Joseph Smith, his history and such. I have always had to go back to my experience reading the Book of Mormon. When I took 7 days and read the whole thing in alignment with Moroni's promise. And the spirit I felt. I can't deny that. That book is convincing evidence of Joseph Smith is a prophet. I bear witness. Please read it, ponder it and pray about it with a sincere heart. 

I love you all,

Till Next week...

Elder Pierce 

P.S. Thanks to the Boston University Ward for sending me few letters, you guys are awesome and I miss you all! 

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