Monday, November 24, 2014

Week #24... Busy, Busy, Busy.. Make Your Work Worth It!

-So this week we taught a record high number of lessons but have not so many progressing investigators. 
-I thought about Christ and can't see him rushing around and teaching a million lessons a week. But changing lives. We just have to make sure our work is worth what we put into it. Sometimes its ok to slow down and be in the moment. Make your work worth it.

-Exercise update: On thursday I got 90 pullups 90 pushups and 90 situps in 15:47
Challenging Sawyer and Jackson and Dad. Bring it! or in Chinese: Fangma guolai!

-This week going for 100 100 & 100 in 16 minutes. 

-Chinese is coming ok. Still struggle sometimes with the tones. I guess singing and speaking in the same time is just not my thing but improving fast. 

-Our 75 year old investigator finished the Book of Mormon this week. Took her about a week in a half. Let that be an inspiration to us all.

-Got some meat at the store this week but didn't realize how spicy it was going to be. Even the native elder in my apartment couldn't eat it. Anyways, it was so hot that it literally made me get sick. So the last couple days I have been kind of out of it but today am feeling back to normal. Won't make that mistake again. Didn't know things could be so hot, but obviously I was wrong.

Let me end with a thought: In the gospel of Matthew and Luke, Jesus talks about how if people don't like you thats ok, because if you think about a lot of the prophets they were hated by a lot of people. Also Christ says that if you are loved by everyone that is bad because that is how the false prophets were treated. So its normal to have enemies for standing up for right but we still have to love them.

Out here we have people who bash on us and the church. But we just go on loving. That is beauty of the truth and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love you all,

Elder Pierce 


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