Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week #22....Green Training Green!!

-Not as much time this week so I will make it short. 

-This week I went to Singapore for a couple days to pick up Elder Eggertsen my new companion! Yes what great food! Not that the food here is bad but more regular food is in Singapore.

-Elder Fletcher went to KL but got taken back by immigration and questioned and almost sent to America. Crazy. He only has 30 days in KL before he has to leave Malaysia. Immigration is wild. 

-Elder Eggertsen my new companion is great! he is from Centerville, Utah. He just got here from the provo MTC and has only been in Malaysia for 2 days! 

-Training a new missionary after being out only 3 months is interesting to say the least but you know what they say. Fake it till you make it. Especially with only 3 months of chinese experience.

-Chinese is actually coming along nicely. With Elder Fletcher gone I translate sacrament meeting each week now and take the lead in all the lessons. Penny is also teaching me a lot which is nice. She comes to tons of lessons with us and is awesome. 

-We switched houses actually and live with a couple different elders. One is a native from Malaysia and he has been teaching me a little bit of Malay which is really useful out here. 

-One cultural thing for the week is that when you shake people's hands you always touch your heart after. It's different but sort of cool. 

I'll end with a thought. I realized this week that there is a difference between being exactly obedience and being righteously obedient. The first has no love per se. Without love being obedient is nothing. Ponder that. The greatest commandment is to love God and the second is like unto it and is to love thy neighbor as thyself.

love you all,

Elder Pierce

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