Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week #21..The Life of a Chinese East Malaysian + Transfers

So today is transfers and I will be staying in Kuching but I will be training now! My companion Elder Fletcher is headed to KL and will be training as well. I do not know who I will be training. So with 3 months of Chinese experience I will be attempting to train someone with no chinese experience. Well this should be interesting. Dang. I am excited though. I will have a son as they call it. 

-This means I will be going to Singapore on Wednesday to pick up my "Son" . My "Father" Elder Fletcher will be going with me to pick up his trainee

-My companion this week was out with a concussion from a bike fall. Didn't realize how terrible is was being stuck inside all day, trying to find someone to go on splits with but failing. 

-We met with an inactive family this week and the wife and her son were there..the dad was not. The mom told us that the husband won't support her and has a new girlfriend. She wants to go back to China and leave the son here. It is a terrible situation. We got a lot of work to do there. 

-Also here all we use is chopsticks and its driving me crazy. I don't think me and chopsticks were meant to be.

-Another thing about this place is that the water here is not good. All the water we drink has to be purified or else you get really really sick. The water filters aren't anything simple either. It is a serious thing. 

-This week rainy season started and we have a monsoon almost everyday. The rain is unbelievable. I thought it rained a lot before. But it is still as hot as ever. if not hotter.

-Also this week Penny got baptized! Elder Fletcher baptized her and I confirmed her! All in chinese which wasn't very easy. Also the sisters had a baptism of Penny's friend named Audrey and I got asked to baptize her! Also in Chinese! That was a super cool experience. Mid-ordinance I almost forgot the chinese words for the baptism and I had a huge long pause but I made it through. 

Penny is the investigator who had a dream of meeting two young men in white shirts and ties and dark pants who changed her life before we met her and then we actually met her and changed her life. She was buddhist before! She has quite the amazing conversion story!

Kuching is the bomb. 

I will leave with a video: 

We use the Book of Mormon everyday and it is something that Penny has grown to love.

It will change change your life, just read it. 



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