Monday, February 22, 2016

So this week, we had an elder who's companion wouldn't wake up and so he took the smoke alarm off the ceiling and put it next to his companion's ear and then hit the "test" button so it would go off. That elder got up pretty darn fast :)

I am working on writing 2100 characters in Chinese this transfer. It is a process. :) 

Every morning we play basketball, Elder Spurrier and I, 1 on 1. He is really athletic so it makes it quite fun. 

Then at night time, after planning, we have been hitting the downstairs gym. Working on legs and chest a lot. Trying to really get into it. It has been a blast :) 

Shoutout to my MIT brothers in mid-season. Looking forward to them making a Conference tournament and NCAA tournament run here in the next few weeks :) Can't wait to get back there on the court but also loving my time here as a representative of Jesus Christ.

Also. We had to book a million and a half flights this week 

We were taken this week by a member to an American Club, literally was like America. Ate Pizza and salad. It was ridiculously nice. He is the ambassador for Costa Rica in Singapore. Very cool member.

On Sunday I played my arrangement of "Praise to the Man" for the Sister's baptism. It was the first time I have played that arrangement in public. I was excited for that. 

We have a goal to baptize 6 people this transfer. We have one really solid investigator from Miemar that only speaks a little english and a little chinese and is a Filipino's girlfriend. That is why we are teaching him. 
          But even for his lack of English, his faith makes up the rest. He is reading the picture book of the Book of Mormon. Along with the real Book of Mormon and he is feeling the spirit! Which makes it known that it doesn't take good english to know if the book of mormon is true! 

We picked up all the new missionaries this week. 8 of them. It is always fun to do that from the airport and to just feel their energy. We also this week were able to see some really great missionaries at their departing dinner go home. 

It is a weird feeling to see missionaries go home one night and see new ones arrive the next morning. And yet Elder Spurrier and I are neither. It is like living a full mission every transfer. 

Also, had a couple missionaries come up to me this week and tell me that "I changed their missions," A couple elders that were going home. The zone leaders. That made my week. We had a couple really good zone leaders that I really enjoyed working with go home this week.

I have been studying a lot in the New Testament. I have a goal to finish it and memorize the important scriptures. One of my favorites is the last verse in Romans chapter 2 verse 31:

"Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law."

A lot of people tell us that it only matters what is in their hearts. All churches are the same etc. But unfortunately, like Paul said that is wrong. 

Faith does not make the law void. There is a law and as representatives of Jesus Christ we are here to proclaim that restored law that paul is referring to :) 

love you all ! 

Elder Pierce 

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