Monday, February 8, 2016

-on monday for my birthday, some of the zone leaders sang me happy birthday and gave me a cake that was nice! my wish was to baptize a family! 

-Two of the other zone leaders told me i was their eternal heros this week which made my week hands down :) 

-TRANSFERS! president asked me to stay for one more transfer as an assistant. Should be a good one! 

-we sung a song to a family in a first contact "Families can be together forever." right there in public. They were from miemar and I am pretty sure couldn't understand anything that the song was talking about but they felt the spirit and that is all that counts! 

-Got held at immigration this week but eventually they let us through (we go in and out of the 2 countries so many times a week that it makes our passports look pretty crazy)

-We went on exchanges in Johor Bahru with Elder South (my old companion in Miri) and then in Bintulu with Elder Lloyd

-Also we got a woman to kneel in public with us in prayer. I thought it was going to be uncomfortable but it was actually a really spiritual experience. This was her first time praying out loud! way cool! people looked at us a little weird but that is ok :) haha

On exchanges with Elder South. We were not seeing any success. Everyone was saying no. Then I told Elder South. We need to stop and pray for families. We need to find kingdom building families right now. We said a really heartfelt prayer asked God to put prepared families in our path. Within 10 seconds we ran into two separate Chinese families that wanted the gospel. I was shocked. I felt like God had slapped me in the face almost. All day we had been trying our best to find people but as soon as we relied on God he gave us who we were looking for. And so Elder South and I decided to say a prayer of gratitude and because we did that as soon as we opened our eyes a little girl came out to the balcony of her apartment and then we said hi and she called her mother out and they were from Miemar and really wanted the gospel. We sang them "Families Can Be Together" right there in the public next to their balcony and then they referred us to the family who lived above them who also came out on the balcony (was from India) and also wanted to learn the gospel. Basically, after we asked God for families we found 4 in a row. We had not seen any the entire day. I KNOW that God answered that prayer. I know that he hears me. 

I know he hears you too. Just reach out to him.

love you all,

Elder Pierce 

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