Monday, October 12, 2015

-TRANSFER FLIGHTS - we booked an innumerable amount of flights this week. The Lord's work can be quite expensive sometimes :) 

-We send out transfers on an email with a big sheet telling showing where the missionaries are in the mission and so it is quite dramatic for the missionaries, but this time we knew a long time beforehand that we were both staying so that was nice not having to stress about it. 

-On Tuesday after reporting with President Simmons we went to the departing dinner at President's house for the 4 missionaries leaving. That was super cool to see them and hear their dying testimonies. Really cool atmosphere. It was my first one. There is usually one each transfer when missionaries who have finished their missions go home. 

-Then on Wednesday, we picked up 8 NEW missionaries from the airport. 5 from the Provo MTC and 3 natives from the Manila MTC. We take their pictures with the mission president and then hand them each a Book of Mormon to pass out on the way to the stake center via the MRT (Subway). It throws them right into the work. I remember I was quite scared when it was my first day in the field and now I get to lead them to the stake center. It is quite a turnaround and it is a lot of fun :) 

Dad, you apparently met some of these new missionaries in the airport is that right? crazy. they told me about how they met you! Fate! haha You sent them off from Provo and I picked them up in Singapore. Good team work if I have ever seen it :) 

It is cool we get to experience a full mission in a transfer. We get to experience a new missionary welcome and then missionary departures. Every, transfer. It is really cool. 

Then once they get to the stake center we train them for a few hours amid their jet lag and then train their trainers that night as well. It is a fun night. It is so much fun working with missionaries right out of the MTC. They have such open minds, I love it :) 

Then in the morning they find out who their companions are in this big dramatic slideshow with music playing in the background. It is pretty cool :) 

Later in the week on Friday we flew up to Bintulu with President and Sister Simmons to do a training with the new missionaries who are 6 weeks in the field.

Then this weekend was conference and we had some awesome lessons with our Filipinos! Conference and Filipinos are two of my favorite things so life can't get much better than that! We have a few baptisms coming up at the end of the month so that is exciting! Our investigators are so sincere! 

If you haven't watched conference! DO IT! it was amazing. WOW. 

Every single talk was amazing. Literally every single one. Please watch it if you haven't already. 

Behold thy mother. Let us all appreciate our moms more :) 

love you all

Elder Pierce 

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