Sunday, October 11, 2015

Today was Transfers! So that made things interesting! This whole morning was spent on it, the sheets, flights, paperworks etc. and it is still going. We had a few meetings about it this week. President Simmons is the best.  

But in case you were wondering, Elder Perritt and I are staying here! Good news! Even though we already knew that for a while.. 

This week we had a baptism! Yesterday actually ! (see picture!) Abby! She is so awesome and typed out a 5 page paper for her testimony. The longest one ever but it actually kept everyone's attention the entire time! She has quite the story/testimony. 

We also performed a musical number there! It was Gracie's song with Elder Perritt saying the Joseph Smith History on voice-over. It was super powerful. Elder Perritt has a voice exactly like the temple voice-over. So good. 

The rest of the week we were in Singapore. It was a little hard because all the Filipinos work everyday. Except Sunday's but we were able to track down a few less-actives. 

Also this week we did a lot of preparation for Mission Leadership Council. It was super good. Focused on talking to everyone. The Zone-Leaders really are amazing. At the end we had a testimony meeting where everyone bore their testimony with one sentence (very short powerful statements). It was super powerful. The spirit was so strong. 

On Monday, I got a great workout in for basketball. Elder Perritt loves rebounding, (I can't figure out why..) and so I give him massages in exchanges for him rebounding for me.. haha i guess it works.."also can" as they would say in singapore.. 

The haze here has been really bad (and everywhere in Malaysia as well from the Indonesia fires). But workouts continue no matter what :) 

Being a missionary, is like being in another world. You get to see life from a new perspective. You get to forget money, work, and girls and really get to think about life from the other side. From the side of trying to pull people into the happiness and love that you know the gospel can bring. 

Sometimes as a missionary you don't even realize that you are seeing life this way. But it is so different. And everytime I hit that realization of what I am doing and where I am, I become so grateful. This is the greatest. Ever. Every single moment spent in this perspective is so unique. All you have to do is look at the world how Jesus Christ would. Look at the people passing by, and know they are your brother or sister and they need what you have. And then you have to go help them realize that they need that and why they need it, and how to use it and on top of that we need to do it with love. That is challenge of Missionary Work. And it is so unique from the other challenges of life and I love it more than anything. 

Every single person has different problems and concerns and back stories. It is our job to find parts of their concerns and be able to connect it to the gospel. And when you do and they can Feel it. That is when it all becomes worth it. 

It is the Realest game on earth. Life itself sometimes isn't even real. But this is. And I love it so much, no matter how hard it can get sometimes. I love the Real.

Elder Pierce

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