Monday, May 11, 2015

Skyping with the family was the best ever. Family is everything. If you don't appreciate your family now, then look again.. 

This week we got to wash our branch President's dogs and do some yard work for his cousins. That was pretty fun and reminded me of Grandma Hanson's house. They have a ton of dogs and they all attack you (in a friendly way of course) when you walk in the door.

-sidenote: there are not nearly as many stray dogs here as there was in East Malaysia but they are still a lot of Dogs. More of them are pets here though. 

This week we were also taught the Hakka by a couple Elders from New Zealand and will be performing it for President's Mains last zone conference before he goes home next month. For those who don't know it is a dance they do before rugby games.

Speaking of zone conference. That is next week. Singapore bound! can't wait! 

Also this week I bought new basketball and running shoes and a huge thing of protein. So excited for it. Workouts in the morning and at night have been at a high lately. 

Had some interesting Avacado juice yesterday. with Chocolate. I guess it is a Indonesian thing. Mom you should try it. It was probably the best drink I ever had. Well maybe it also had to do with the fact that I had just broken my fast, since it was fast sunday. But anyways it was super good. 

Also we had a miracle this week. Like every week :) but this was one from Kuching! A member named Brother Eric who we visited about 3 times a week in Kuching came to our branch in JB and surprised me! He was visiting his son here in JB! 

We had been teaching his wife in Kuching and she was probably the hardest person I have ever taught. Refused everything and basically just told us how we were wrong during every lesson. We had invited her to church countless times to no avail. But on Sunday she came to my branch in West Malaysia hundreds of miles away! Crazy! It was a crazy feeling coming in the church door and seeing them! wild! 

We also have a baptism coming up this week! Susanna! She is super awesome! Already looking forward to the temple and everything. Indian lady about 60 years old. I have talked about her a lot before. Also the other elders are baptizing Jesaline who is another Indian lady who I gave a priesthood blessing to with Elder Mitchell (now in America) which changed her view on the church ! another miracle! I got to do her baptism interview this week which was super wonderful! 

Miracles are rampant in God's work! 

you gotta love it! 

Love you all,

Elder Pierce

Pictures: -new basketball, running shoes and protein
-on the basketball court at night getting the nightly workout in
-at the gym every morning
-washing the branch president's dogs
-with the branch president
-with brother eric and his family from Kuching

-avacado juice with chocolate! 

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