Monday, January 26, 2015

Week#33... JOHOR BAHRU!!!!!!!! From East to West Malaysia I go!!!!

Today is transfers and I am going to Johor Bahru! I love kuching but am excited to see JB! It is a city right next Singapore so now I will be in West Malaysia!!!

-my new companion is Elder Lundahl-Wolford!!! Same companion from the MTC! I am way pumped! We got along really well and he is just the man. 

-I leave Wednesday morning! 

-This week was great in Kuching! We contacted and started teaching a one-legged man from China and it went great! He came to all three hours of church on Sunday! 

-Teaching someone from China is difficult because their accent is so heavy but we manage.

-He goes back to China on Feb. 15th forever so we are trying our hardest to baptize him before he goes back because once he goes back obviously he can't get baptized because their are no missionaries in China. Yet.

-This week I realized that members do the best missionary work. When we took members to lessons, I saw more progression in our investigators than I have seen in the last 6 weeks combined. The members mean a lot to us and so don't be afraid to help the missionaries in your home ward. 

-Even though the rain wasn't as bad this week we still many times a day get blasted in the side by trucks driving through huge puddles that soak us just as much as if it was pouring rain. It's tough but I guess the truck drivers just don't understand that it soaks us every single time. oh well. 

-Interesting experience this week with Pastor Michael one of our investigators. One of members came with us and started arguing with him about Joseph Smith. The spirit left and then I bore solemn testimony of Joseph Smith. You could feel the spirit come back. It was wonderful. Arguing doesn't get anywhere. The least we can do sometimes is testify to try and soften people's hearts. 

-Auntie mui my recent convert finished the Book of Mormon for the second time this week. Boom.

-All of my recent converts came to church yesterday. What a blessing. For my last couple days in Kuching it was a wonderful blessing to see them all their.

I will end with a thought. I have been reading the 4 gospels and Jesus The Christ and one of my favorite stories that Jesus tells is Matt 21:28-32. 

He has two sons. He tells both to go to work in the vineyard. One of the says he will and doesn't. The other says he won't but does. 

Jesus then says that the one who actually did it but seemed wrong at first because he said he wouldn't is actually the better worker.

Basically Jesus Christ the Savior of the World, doesn't care so much as to what you say but more so what you do. So get to work. 

Love you all,

Elder Pierce 

See you in West Malaysia!! Johor Bahru!! 

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