Monday, October 20, 2014

Week #19... Week of Thieves (part 2)

-So here Chinese people feed you until you want to die and then feed you more. It is impolite not to eat everything they give you and so we have no choice. We go a long time without eating and then we eat these huge meals. Like ridiculous. I sent a picture of one with our investigator Penny.

-I am starting to grow to really like the food out here. Lots of noodles and rice and chicken.

-There was one kid in our apartment this week that got super super sick this week. He went blind for two days because his eyes got infected and it was insane how bad his whole face got warped but he's gotten better now.  For a couple days no one wanted to touch anything he touched. We are lucky no one else in the apartment got it. Another missionary in a different apartment might have gotten it as well. 

-We got to give an old member's husband blessing in a hospital this week. Well I thought it was a jail. It's nothing like what you would think a hospital is. It is terrible. I felt so bad for all the people in there. Just know we have it well where we live. 

So I don't have much time this week but I'd like to share a quick thought. We were able to baptize an old man named Brother Tan this week and confirmed him yesterday. He is 70 plus and is a Kung Fu genius. Still at 70 years old I would not want to get in a fight with him.

Anyways, he has quite the inspiring story. He picks up garbage for a living (cardboard) and sells it.
He has no money. His children took it all and left. They won't talk to him and he can't get a hold of them. 

This week we went to visit him and asked him how he was doing when we got there. He said he was doing great because he felt peace from God that day and his body was in good health. Those are the two things that he always says. 

We noticed that his cardboard was gone and we asked him about it and he said that he had sold it. For a huge amount of cardboard he had gotten he was paid 26.70 ringgit which is about 9 US dollars. That was all the money he had. He left the money in his car overnight and the man he had been letting sleep at his house was gone the next morning. But so was all 26.70 in his car. 

And yet with nothing left he was the happiest person we had met that week. It is a testimony that no matter your circumstances you can have happiness. I still can see him in my mind telling me why that day was good before I even found out his final money had gotten stolen. His 9 dollars that he had worked for weeks to get. He felt peace from God and he had a healthy body. 

Please be grateful. Please be happy. God has given us everything.


Elder Pierce 

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