Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Week #9.... Singapore Bound!!!

So we leave tomorrow for Singapore but don't get there until Thursday with all the layovers and everything and time zone stuff. It is kinda crazy. We fly from SLC to LAX to Hong Kong to Singapore. My goal is to read the entire BOM on the plane ride. And give it to someone. Should be a challenge. 15 hours sitting next to someone should give me enough time to convince them the gospel is true, I mean where can they go? they have no choice but to listen haha. I have never flown more than 5 hours or so, so this will be a new experience for sure. 

So this week we were teaching on of our "real" investigators and we were trying to get them to pray about God to know if He existed. I shared the example of King Lamoni's father in Alma 22:18. I meant to have her only read the first half of the verse but I forgot because it was in Chinese characters and so I couldn't read it so I just let her read the whole thing. After she read it she started to freak out and started to kick us out of her house. I was really confused and hurried and looked up the verse in English. The beginning talks about the King's prayer and then at the end it says: "And now when the King had said these words, he was struck as if he were dead." I realized the horrible mistake and then we did our best to calm her down. Obviously she thought that if she prayed she would be struck dead. Yeah, in the real field that would have been pretty bad. Might as well get out all the mistakes here at the MTC I guess. 

I also this week played 10 songs on piano for the sacrament meeting and priesthood which was an absurdly high number. Not only did our district want to do like a 4 song combined musical number but I also played a musical number myself. I'm hoping to be able to use piano in the area I am assigned. 

So yeah that is kind of a weird thing to think about. in the next 72 hours I will be somehow over in Malaysia or Singpore with some random guy trying to teach the gospel in a language I barely know. Good luck Dakota. Thanks. 

So we have gotten to be such good friends here with all the administration here. Mostly its because of my companion because he is one of the most outspoken people ever. We honestly sit on the front row of every devotional no matter what time we show up because the people in charge save seats for us. Everyone else is always so confused and always asks "how do you always get front row seat?" Pretty funny. My companion also got the MTC 1st counselor's email address. Stud. 

The food here this week was terrible. I think I have had each of their rotations of meals like 10 times each. But I'm guessing when I get to Singapore I will have to eat some crazy animals brain that will make me wish I had MTC food again. I guess we'll soon see. 

I am so ready to get out of here except for the fact that I know my language is no where near where it needs to be. 

This Sunday I fasted for me to better recognize and feel the spirit. I felt the spirit more that Sunday more than I ever have while I have been at the MTC. I know the power of fasting is real.

I'll end with a quick spiritual thought. I have always thought why do people say that when you bear your testimony, your testimony grows. I think there are two reasons why it does. #1 is that it gives the spirit a chance to testify to you that what your testifying of is true. #2 which I never really thought of before is that is makes you analyze your testimony. You realize where it is weak and maybe even doubt some things you thought you knew were true. This then forces you to study your doubts out in your mind and pray about them and then study the scriptures about it. Then your testimony grows even stronger than it used to be before you began to doubt or recognize your weakness.

Love you all,

See you in Singapore!! (Or Malaysia)

-Ping Zhang Lao

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