Monday, August 25, 2014

Week #11....Biking Mario Cart

So yes first full week in Malaysia. Pretty insane.

-So they don't have toilets here really they are called squatters. Basically its a hole in the ground so you just squat and yeah.. also they have hoses instead of toilet paper. Toilet paper is very hard to buy or find here. 

-Everyone here loves american people like honestly its cool, you walk through the shoplits and everyone looks at you like you are a celebrity. Pretty wild. And then they love you even more when they find out you can speak Chinese everyone is shocked about that..

Well I guess kind of speak Chinese, it is still really hard to understand but it is coming along slowly.

-Also here they have this huge roundabouts bigger than anything I've ever seen. It's like a freeway that goes around in a circle. Anyways we have to try and navigate them on a bike. It's insane. It's like a video game honestly. One of the scariest things I have ever done in my life hands down.

-They also have the biggest intersections I have ever seen. The lights count down from ten so everyone will jump start the lights and so it feels like mario cart honestly (shoutout to LCA where we played mario cart like champs) There are like mortocycles of every kind some bikes so scooters some trucks some regular cars it really feels like mario cart start, unreal.

-So we don't knock on doors here, you knock on people's gates that's just how all the houses work here.

-Also this week I had some of the grossest food ever. They have the weirdest fruits here. I can't even describe it. They have this one called durian that they sell out in the middle of the road because it smells so bad they can't put it anywhere else. But people somehow like it. I can attest to how bad it smells it is unreal. 

-Also they put all these dried fish with the heads and tails in all your food. Was not ready to eat crunchy fish bones, eyes and head and all. 

- We have 3 main investigators right now. 2 of them should be baptized in the next three weeks or so. 

-One of our investigators told us we were going to die because the last elders called him too much. Kinda scary, planning on staying away from him. But we built a cement wall for him in his back yard. That was quite the experience because we didn't really know how to do cement work but we kind of just made it up as we went along and it turned out not too bad.

-We still run every morning and workout every night which is good. Also our zone loves basketball and so every p-day we play as a district.


(I said that this week was awesome and we still have a lot of time left in kuching but I am ready to help people change their lives and become better people.)

I'll end with a spiritual thought. Sometimes it is hard to understand why we need Christ but if we think about the atonement it helps. This is one of my favorite videos to watch as I try and remember the atonement. We have been sharing it with people. 

And then think about what he has done for you. When you have felt his presence in your life. I know his presence is real. I know it. 

And then watch this video to bring it home :) 

Love you all,

Elder Pierce


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