Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I love this. I love every second of this. I love missionary work. I love being able to wear our Savior's name on my chest. I love talking to people. I love teaching people. I love studying the scriptures. I love questions. I love feeling the spirit everyday. I love seeing other people changed by the spirit. I love helping them begin a testimony. 

I love the missionary schedule. I love how much purpose I have found on my mission. I love every single one of my areas. Right now, I love so so so so much this dear Singapore 2nd Ward. I love these youth. I love them all. I love seeing and helping them become missionaries. I love trying to impart 2 years of knowledge on them in a few short weeks so they won't have to make the same mistakes I made as a young missionary.

I love seeing people enter the waters of baptism. I love enduring to the end. I love the happiness that the gospel brings. I love my weaknesses that God may make me humble. And oh He humbles me. 

I love Chinese. I love China. I love Malaysia. I love Singapore. I love speaking Chinese. I never want to speak English. And I never do :) 

I love training missionaries. I love helping members. I love the members. I love these members. They sacrifice so much. Their faith is unbelievable. 

But most importantly I love my Savior. I love Him. I can feel him. I don't know how to describe it. But I love him. And I love how he is always there. And He will make me more of myself than I could ever make of myself. 

I am so sad to leave everything I have loved and worked and sweat and fought for here in Malaysia and Singapore for the past two years but it is time for a new phase of life. 

I love this. 


Elder Pierce

"Trying to do the most good for the least credit." 

P.S. We did a visa run to Indonesia this week! See the pictures below! 

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