Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello World... Lost Count of Weeks.. Think #12??

The heat is finally setting in here. Today we went to Bako national park..and I got burnt to a crisp. Not sure how that is going to work out tomorrow..the place was pretty cool to see a bunch of monkeys and climb in the jungle for a while.. and then go to the beach and explore..

-but yes the heat is unbelievable, so humid. Honestly it rains everyday harder than any rain I have ever experienced and the storms come in within 5 minutes. It'll be completely hot like over 100 degrees and then just down pour for 3 straight hours. We still go out in the rain but we usually just get soaked and caked with mud. But if it clears up you dry in like 5 minutes due to the humidity. 

-We bike everywhere. It is quite the workout in the heat. And we bike fast too. My companion beats me everywhere. He has the endurance like no one I have ever seen. I have never been so tired. Well almost except for maybe stations with Coach Anderson at MIT at pre-season getting in shape time. Those were a little tougher. 

-The food here is dirt cheap. You can buy a full meal for about 10 ringit which is about 3 american dollars. 

-This week we found the first gym I have ever seen here. It was in the Sisters apartment complex. It had one bench press and one machine. I sat down to bench press with 40's on each side. Then I could only do one rep and was terribly mad at myself because I thought I gotten weaker. Then I realized that I was lifting Klgs and not lbs so I was actually trying to bench over 200lbs. Made me feel much better. Still run in the mornings and run from the dogs. fun stuff. 

don't have much time this week but would like to share a miracle that happened this week. We were going to visit an investigator with a member but she wasn't home but the member next to them was. They only spoke malay but our member did as well. They talked for a long time and the member was crying and stuff but I still couldn't understand anything of course. Later the member told us they had lost their job that day, and weren't going to be able to eat anymore. They had invited us into their homes and were feeding us some soda and some crackers. I felt so terrible about it. I had literally eaten some of their last food. I then learned that they had just had the sisters in their ward over for dinner that night. They had served their last food to the sisters without complaining. I am sure the sisters didn't know that they were feeding them their last food when they had asked to come over for dinner. But wow what Christ-like love this woman had for others. When everything was imploding on her, she turned outward and gave of what she had left to others. When everyone else would turn inward and worrying about themselves she was telling me to eat her last food. She was giving everything she had to survive. That is the true character of Christ. That is his most defining Characteristic. 

Turning outward when everyone else would turn inward. 

The miracle was that we met with this member. (not our intention and the member we had with us was a malay speaker and had someone that could help her with her job.)

Love you all,

Elder Pierce

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